Empowering Women by Biting a Brownie

Brownie Bites has launched their Indiegogo campaign to help with building their dream of empowering the women of Vietnam whilst building a business to launch their brownies to the world.

Los Angeles, CA, November 23, 2017 --(PR.com)-- It all started over thirty years ago when Rachel, the Brownie master, started her career in the food industry.

Fast forward thirty years, and now the Brownie master wants to give back.

Whilst living in Vietnam, the Brownie master noticed that women were considered secondary in many aspects of life, so she decided to not only build her dream of establishing her own business (this, after years of building other peoples businesses), but to help empower the women of Vietnam whilst doing it.

Rachel is raising funds on Indiegogo to help start the business, and to be able to provide training for women who would not necessarily get a chance in life to be able to build their own dreams. She intends on training in basic English, business skills and more to help them go for their own goals.

Follow the link to start helping today.

Brownie Bites
Rachel Sinanan