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London, United Kingdom, December 01, 2017 --( As a quite versatile therapeutic modality, mRNA provides a number of advantages to its users. It can help with reaching transient expression of the encoded protein, as it lacks genomic integration. mRNA boasts a favorable safety profile that makes it attractive for gene editing and vaccines.

Being well defined chemically, it can be reproducibly manufactured at high yield, activity and purity. Oncolytic viruses have the power of directly lysing cancer cells, and they also free tumor-specific neoantigents, as they can indirectly act as a cancer vaccine.

Oncolytic viruses have modest efficacy, which can be improved when it is combined with immune checkpoint inhibitors. As a result, leading immuno-oncology (I-O) players and investors become increasingly interested in partnering with oncolytic viruses’ specialists.

New report package “Immunotherapy with Oncolytic Viruses and mRNA Vaccines & Therapeutics” (available at drawn up by La Merie Publishing offers an up-close look at the global immunotherapy landscape, with a focus on oncolytic viruses and mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

The research study starts with an all-round discussion of the today’s therapeutic landscape. It profiles existing vaccines based on mRNA and therapeutics. The report comprehensively examines the pipeline and casts light on selected mRNA and delivery technologies.

It covers technologies by reviewing mRNA modifications and efficiencies, covering carriers for mRNA-based therapeutics, and more. The study also comprises profiles of major players worldwide: PhaseRx, Tiba Biotechnology, Acuitas Thereaputics, MaxCyte, Bayer, Merck, and Sanofi, to name a few.

The research report also examines major stakeholders and limelights mRNA’s financial perspective. Future outlook for the marketplace is also presented in the package.

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