Indico Solutions Announces Platform Expansion of Guidelines Dissemination Support

Indico expands its dissemination support of it guidelines development platform to include web page support in addition to its mobile apps.

Chicago, IL, December 01, 2017 --( Indico Solutions of Chicago Illinois, announced today the expansion of dissemination support within the Indico Clinical Guidelines Platform.

“Supporting multiple modes of dissemination from the platform has always been our goal,” said Matthew Stanhope, Principal at Indico Solutions, “within the context of the hierarchical nature of guidelines recommendations, supporting text and evidence.” The modern healthcare content environment requires multiple modes of cost efficient dissemination from a central database. The Indico Platform now includes, in addition to mobile app support, a web interface kit that clients can implement within their web site that or alternately have Indico host the page. The kit includes advanced search functionality through Indico parsed documents and keyword generation.

The Indico Guidelines Platform allows any new or updated guidelines to be immediately propagated to mobile applications, dedicated web pages and clinical decision support IT through web kit API calls. Coupled with industry leading XML document loading, content from any source can be rapidly integrated into the platform, supporting guidelines and other scientific documents. Searching within the hierarchical nature of guideline documents becomes a reality by data parsing with standard taxonomies (ICD9/10, CPT4, NDC codes and SNOMED-based keywords) for auto-key word generation and linking which allows even more precision for the end user experience and allows users to search on recommendations throughout a collection, not just text strings within a single document.

As an integrated solution, Indico’s Platform now supports both development and dissemination modes allowing customers greater flexibility in configuring solutions to their unique needs for clinical guidelines, systematic reviews, position statements or any scientific documents and their implementation.

About Indico Solutions – Indico is a software technology company based in Melbourne, Australia and Chicago, IL and specializes in applications for evidence based medicine and decision support. They are a part of the James and Monroe family of companies.

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