Couple Helped During Their Time of Need Pay It Forward in Puerto Rico Over the Holidays

On November 28th, Mark Ruff and Trish Williams from Clearwater flew to Puerto Rico to help rebuild the island, paying forward the help they received more than a year ago by the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Clearwater, FL, December 02, 2017 --( In 2016, Mark Ruff and Trish Williams relocated from Maine to Clearwater to get a brand new start. They said that despite submitting job application after job application – they could not find jobs and things were getting tighter and tighter. Their funds had been eaten away staying at motels night after night for months and eventually they ended up on the streets.

“We visited the Scientology Information Center. Amber, the manager of the Center directed us on how to get our life back on track. The positive support and encouragement that we received from Amber and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers headed us in the right direction and we both got jobs and stable housing again.”

Trish became a server at a local restaurant and Mark got his Commercial Drivers License for the state of Florida and began driving trucks again.

In September 2017, they witnessed the disaster relief efforts by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) in downtown Clearwater where Hurricane Irma hit.

Then, when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Mark and Trish decided to join the Scientology Volunteers and help restore the island to normalcy. Mark is also a trained Emergency Management Technician, and is licensed to operate heavy machinery, skills which are very much needed in Puerto Rico.

“You know, we’re thankful that we’re able to go and help,” Mark said. “All I kept thinking was – ‘We gotta help these people. There are roads that are been closed due to fallen trees and there are supplies that need to be delivered – but they lack drivers. This is something I’ve got to do.’ I want to thank the Church of Scientology for their help in getting us back on our feet, and now we can pay it forward and do the same to others in need.”

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