Devil Daves Bloody Mary Sticks - A Single Serve Spice Packet That Makes Your Favorite Spiced Cocktail Without the Mess… or Cost

Bloody Mary’s are typically known for their difficulty to master, and their expensive cost to acquire the ingredients.

Saratoga Springs, NY, December 04, 2017 --( This all-in-one Bloody Mary spice mix by Devil Daves is a concept that is getting strong attention on Social media. Ryan Pakenas, owner and founder of the project, plans to source additional funding from Kickstarter to ramp up his first production run. The clever spice mix that promises to make a single serve Bloody Mary cocktail in seconds will do away with the costly ingredients most people don’t already have in their kitchen. The idea was born out of necessity as many weekend warriors would cart around these huge bottles of seasoned, pre-mixed tomato juice but fail to use it all. Devil Daves Bloody’s will have all the traditional components of a craft cocktail in a convenient biodegradable stick pack. “I wanted something that was portable and also simple and delicious, he stated.” “There are superb small batch bottled premixes, and a couple spice blends to 'Fix' a Bloody — but there isn’t anything that says, just add tomato juice and vodka.”

Attention geared towards craft bartending and the whole movement to source local ingredients, makes the Bloody Mary something that should be a staple in any farm to table restaurant. However, with high turnover and under-trained staff, it is very difficult to have consistency day to day at the bar. “I cannot tell you the number of times I went to the same establishment, and was given a different cocktail every time. It was like nobody cared anymore.” Pakenas stated that his packet is consistent every time and would help Food and Beverage establishments with speed, precision and flavor in their Bloody Mary department. Add it to your next Bloody Mary bar.

Most premixes need extra love anyway, meaning you have to add everything to it again. Its never the same. “Ours is the only dry seasoning with real prepared horseradish,” he states. “It needs nothing.”

Company growth and sustainability is another thing Ryan is passionate about.
While he already has the ability to bring the product to market in April, crowdfunding additional monies will ensure he can focus on getting the right deal on packaging which will help bring the cost down for the consumer. “Its a big game,” says Pakenas. “I want Eco-friendly packaging, but not the cost involved, we need to focus on the customer. I cant deliver them a 10 dollar product for $20. So the more funds I have in the beginning equates to savings all across the board.”

Coming from a small town struggling to bring young companies in, Pakenas plans to add some jobs and help give back to the city of Gloversville. “You may see that happen. This is a very unique idea, one which has not been perfected yet, he exclaims.”

He plans to have an extremely generous “Early Bird” reward tier on his Kickstarter when it launches next month on what else, National Bloody Mary Day, January 1st 2018.

Things to recognize:

Vegan & Gluten Free. Worcestershire sauce, a key ingredient in Bloody’s has always been made with fish byproducts. Devil Daves spice mix will have a dry powder that contains no meats or seafood.
Take one with you anywhere. Just stop and grab a 10oz can of tomato juice and some vodka. Works awesome in a plastic tumbler.
When was the last time you bought a huge bottle of premix but it just went to waste? Nobody ever drinks the whole thing. Devil Daves has a year long expiration date. The sticks will stay fresh and never cake up like some spices do. Make one when you want. Three sticks will make 2 quarts.
Eco-Friendly packaging: The package is a Kraft paper with FDA liner. The plastic tops are bio-degradable corn plastic. Future plans to embed tomato seeds in the paper have been talked about.
A better vibe: It’s fun to talk about new products. These Bloody Mary Stick Packs are just unique to have around. You’ll be the smartest person at the next brunch you throw. Everyone will love making one and discussing all the places they should be used. Food trucks, camping, canoeing, baseball games, room-service carts, on the counter at liquor stores, etc..

Ryan Pakenas
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