In the Trenches with In Focus Brands’ International Partners

In Focus Brands has created a powerful commercialization system as they integrate strategy, execution and funding in one comprehensive solution for their clients. In keeping with their focus on execution, In Focus Brands under their In The Trenches’ initiative explores real-world business lessons and perspectives with their international deployments and partner-clients.

Dallas, TX, December 11, 2017 --( In this installment, business development issues that are common to all startup efforts are reviewed and explored. As branded business development practitioners, In Focus Brands has worked with Brent Martin on a number of startups and revenue acceleration campaigns and has developed a very direct and cohesive inbound market launch and growth system utilized by companies on 6 continents. Here are some “in the trench” learned practices to make any business development initiatives more effective from a person who has been with the In Focus Brands’ team for ActivShot, The CrowdBuild, EDA Funding and Diamond Point Co-Development Fund.

There are 5 common reasons that seem to surface and prevent startups from implementing an effective growth plan.

1. Ego or Pride: As a startup founder or executive, it can be difficult to delegate, especially when it relates to the tireless work put in to create and implement. Delegate when necessary, listen to others and don’t assume that the company was built with all the right answers already in place.

2. Ignoring Feedback: Not surprisingly, startup founders who eat, sleep, and breathe their business usually become emotionally attached and can lose objectivity. This can cause stubborn dismissal of valuable feedback. Have an open mind when listening to what people are saying about their direct experiences with your product or service.

3. Insufficient Client Behavior Data: Back to that amazing product – what now? Understand what will compel someone to buy your product or service? A branding system of outreach and feedback is what’s needed here to identify client behavior.

4. Incorrect Branding: This goes hand-in-hand with knowing your client’s buying behavior. Branding is the soul of your startup and what your entire business is based on. Know your audience, what is being sold to them, the why they will want it and build an engaging story around the product. Be Clear, Be Concise, Be Consistent.

5. Ineffective Marketing and Sales Tactics: A common mistake is publishing content without having a clear strategy for your marketing messages. Proceed as if you have only one opportunity to capture your prospect’s attention – this is especially true with online content.

Everyone loves cute puppy pictures, but if puppy photos are irrelevant to your brand, don’t use them - keep the content focused on your brand and what your audience wants.

Although targeted outbound sales initiatives can be included in the plan, engage inbound marketing strategies that use your branded content to create demand. Be the passionate business owner and generate compelling content that positions your firm as the thought leader in your industry and drives clients to you.

Robert Manasier, CEO of In Focus Brands, Managing Director of EDA Funding and Creator of CrowdBuild, "Effective sales and marketing execution starts with a clearly delineated target market that is interested, engaged and qualified to buy what you are offering. We live in a buyer's world so our job is to educate and make it easier for a prospective client to buy from us versus our competitors. It rarely has anything to do with price alone but the value communicated."

Don’t neglect the importance of developing a business development strategy before launching your startup. These days, it’s easier than ever to launch a business, which means intense competition. Focus on your clients, stick to your plan and build a long lasting brand. Good luck.

Brent Martin is an accomplished business development leader with experience in over 25 industries. He is also a Client Partner with EDA Funding, The CrowdBuild, and In Focus Brands.

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