In Focus Brands: How is Your Business Acceleration Going? 7 Reasons to Consider.

Business owners worry about time and money. In Focus Brands has gained control over these business variables with their deployed teams, shared risk funding, acceleration services and private label collaboration models. - January 10, 2023

New in Focus Brands' Service Offering: Business Brokering

In Focus Brands, the pre-eminent private label, deployable team company with over 155 launch, scale, growth accelerations globally, has announced a new business broker service for those companies looking to partner or exit. - October 04, 2022

In Focus Brands Commercialization Team Partners with IFP Films and StabiLens for New Video Tech Launch

The newest, easy to use gimbal accessory (StabiLens) is being field tested by the IFP Films’ crew with In Focus Brands. - October 05, 2019

In Focus Brands Drives New Video Accessory Distribution for StabiLens

Once and Done: StabiLens Provides Filmmakers with Time-Saving Convenience and a No Need to Rebalance Gimbal After Each Lens Change System. - September 25, 2019

IFP Films’ TV Slate Ready for Funding and Launches New Video Equipment Through In Focus Brands

IFP Films with In Focus Brands announces release of their 3-TV property development package for funding consideration. Newly created video accessory also released. - September 17, 2019

Illinois Entrepreneurs: Help is on the Way from a New Regional In Focus Brands Partnership

Illinois based partnership between truCrowd and IAEOU aligns with In Focus Brands to deploy startup ecosystem solutions. This strategic collaboration will address missing resources common to entrepreneurs, offer next level solutions for growing startups and drive true results for the Northeastern, IL entrepreneurial ecosystem. - December 19, 2018

A Win-Win-Win Commercialization Merger Closed: The In Focus Brands' Way

After a year in development and negotiation, the merged buyout of the In Focus Brands portfolio is closed with a completely different structure and 2 new companies (In Focus Brands International and In Focus Brands Americas) but with the strategic inclusion that is the In Focus Brands’ trademark. - December 10, 2018

New Leadership at In Focus Brands and Call for New Board Members

As In Focus Brands continues to consolidate operations and leadership teams during their extensive merged buyout, new board members are being recruited while a new COO is named. - October 23, 2018

Different Locations, Same In Focus Brands' Best Practices Needed

In Focus Brands is on their 4th global deployment since June, negotiating their merger/buyout, raising capital for 5 clients and launching 2 white label buildouts in Europe and Asia and here are some key practices that apply anywhere. - September 17, 2018

In Focus Brands Founder Nominated for All Upstate Unleashed Categories Again

The Founder of the portfolio company, In Focus Brands, has been nominated again for all Upstate Unleashed categories for his consistent, ongoing and successful growth of the NY venture community. - September 11, 2018

Why In Focus Brands Will Not Have a Website Anymore

After 14 years of private label services and immense successes with the likes of HullSpeed®, TaylorMade, Autonomy Distributors, EDA Funding and IFP Films, the portfolio firm- In Focus Brands- is consolidating its operations and removing their website. - September 07, 2018

Private Label Services Now Available from In Focus Brands

As the 1st management change in the company’s history progresses and new white label offerings are realized in 2 international firms with new staff and teams, In Focus Brands is launching a number of new service packages such as: Social Network Testing, Fast Track Sales Training, and Market Multimedia Blasts. - August 26, 2018

In Focus Brands Delays Buyout Merger

In Focus Brands has delayed the buyout merger with BM5 and L Martin Management to vet an interested third party entity into the portfolio merger that has been in the due diligence phase for 5 months. - May 17, 2018

In Focus Brands Back in California

After a two year absence, In Focus Brands is back in California launching a high performance marine product line for HullSpeed® and developing a new television series with their partners at IFP Films. - May 02, 2018

In Focus Brands Not Just Branding

Back from Europe, a new product launch of HullSpeed® marine coatings and nominations for Deal of the Year and Dealmaker of the Year, In Focus Brands is not what you normally consider a branding firm to be. - March 21, 2018

In Focus Brands Signs Exclusive Buyout Option

In Focus Brands and L Martin Management sign an exclusive option for a potential buyout as the two firms further align their companies and offerings under one banner. - December 12, 2017

In the Trenches with In Focus Brands’ International Partners

In Focus Brands has created a powerful commercialization system as they integrate strategy, execution and funding in one comprehensive solution for their clients. In keeping with their focus on execution, In Focus Brands under their In The Trenches’ initiative explores real-world business lessons and perspectives with their international deployments and partner-clients. - December 11, 2017

Accelerated Commercialization Defined by In Focus Brands

With 5 launches and 3 exits in 3 years, In Focus Brands epitomizes accelerated commercialization using their market-centric strategy integrated with their deployed teams around the globe. - September 22, 2017

What In Focus Brands Learned in South Africa with ActivShot

In Focus Brands was on the ground in South Africa with Golf Rewards and ActivShot SA, the owner of the patented technology ACECam to outline international launch strategies, to create international partner, affiliate and investor relationships and to work with the newest version of the technology. - August 08, 2017

CrowdBuild the Donor Development Tool Partners with In Focus Brands Inbound System

For decades, donor development has been letter (now email) campaigns and calling lists. The motto of quantity over quality still runs the thinking and the process. CrowdBuild™ brings an integrated solution to build engaged donor relations to many non profits and educational institutions. is further accelerating donor acquisition with the partnership. - July 26, 2017

In Focus Brands Founder Honored for Achievements in Upstate NY’s Startup Ecosystem

2017 Venture Ecosystem Champion Nominee Robert Manasier of In Focus Brands for his extensive work across NY's Upstate Communities. - July 19, 2017

CrowdBuild Best Practices Part 2

The second installment of EDA Funding’s In the Trenches Series shares more client perspectives from the technology solution platform that is CrowdBuild. - June 08, 2017

EDA Funding and CrowdBuild Honored for Achievements in Upstate NY’s Startup Ecosystem

2017 Venture Ecosystem Awards and Deal of the Year Nomination for the CrowdBuild Launch and for the Chief Investment/Strategy Officer - June 04, 2017

In Focus Brands’ Backed App: The Mash Card Needs Programmers

The Albany student-created, startup community with benefits app-The MASH Card- continues to expand its student community, their vendor offerings and new viral events and needs junior programmers to round out the new, in-house CTO Team. - February 19, 2017

The MASH Card Vendors Speak Out

The UAlbany student-created, startup community with benefits app - The MASH Card - continues to expand their vendor community for the benefit of their student members and for the business owners in the network. - January 24, 2017

CrowdBuild Ready to Launch

CrowdBuild ™ , a division of EDA Funding, is the subscription service that builds your community and guides you into a successful crowdfunding campaign with key metric creation, market automation, CRM and social media integration. - January 24, 2017

In Focus Brands Teams with Upstate NY Manufacturer for New Product and CPG Brand Development

Medtek Skin Solutions of Hudson Falls, NY has teamed with In Focus Brands to create new branded products for the consumer products, lifestyle category. - January 11, 2017

EDA Funding Signs EC for CrowdBuild Sales Team Launch

EDA Funding, the newest venture between Autonomy Distributors and In Focus Brands from their successful launch and exit of an international distribution firm in 2016, has signed EC for sales and distribution management of their proprietary service- CrowdBuild ™. - January 06, 2017

ActivShot South Africa Signs with In Focus Brands for North American Expansion

ActivShot SA, the owner of the patented technology ACECam, has signed with In Focus Brands to create the team, operations and brand launch to bring their hardware-as-a-service business model to golf courses across North America. - December 31, 2016

Diamond Point Co-Development Fund Doubles Available Investable Funding

Diamond Point Co-Development Fund has received an investment from The EDA Fund that doubles its available funding for startup and acceleration opportunities. - December 25, 2016

The EDA Fund Doubles Investment in the Diamond Point Co Development Fund

The EDA Fund has made its first strategic investment into the Diamond Point Co-Development Fund to guarantee a sustainable, deal flow pipeline for its growing investor base. - December 24, 2016

The MASH Card Expands to Second Campus

The Albany student-created, startup community with benefits app-The MASH Card- has expanded their student community to Sage Colleges of Albany after 1 month of intensive system build outs with In Focus Brands. - December 15, 2016

Job Fair at Sage Colleges for In Focus Brands’ Network of Companies

In Focus Brands, the branded go-to-market experts and creatively-practical, revenue-generation business accelerator will hold a job fair in concert with the Sage Colleges’ School of Management on Monday, December 12, 2016, at the Kahl Campus Center, Room 105 from 11am-5pm.  Applicants can meet a roster of new and existing companies seeking entry-level and seasoned professionals in sales, marketing, product management and technology development. - December 10, 2016

SimplePF Joins In Focus Brands' Network for Launch Development

The SimplePF app combines your finances and technology. The app pulls your bank data, automatically creates journal entries for the transactions, and maintains your personal income statement and balance sheet. - December 02, 2016

StartUp Weekend 5 Announces Troy Winners

StartUp Weekend 5 has announced the winners for the event held last weekend at Russell Sage’s Bush Memorial Center (65 1st Street, Troy, NY 12180). - November 13, 2016

MASH Card Launching New Student Vendor Events with In Focus Brands

The Albany student-created, startup community with benefits app-MASH Card- is creating a new schedule of student-vendor events with In Focus Brands for 2017. - November 13, 2016

The Creation of EDA Funding

Created, Scaled to Profitability, and Sold for a Large ROI in Just 21 Months. - November 04, 2016

Five Days Until StartUp Weekend 5 at Russell Sage in Troy

To take advantage of all the coaching, media, prizes, networking and food, please register today. - November 01, 2016

MASH Card Signs with In Focus Brands

The Albany student-created, startup community with benefits app, MASH Card has signed with In Focus Brands to create a scalable business from their proof of concept stage. In Focus Brands is interviewing for immediate sales and tech positions for this escalation. - November 01, 2016

EDA Fund Names Managing Director

After a 3 month international search, The EDA Fund has named Robert Manasier as Managing Director of the hybrid venture capital/private equity/investment bank fund created by Autonomy Distributors’ successful exit of their international export operations. - October 27, 2016

In Focus Brands Leads Collaborative Brand Support for Karibu Kikoy’s Stand Up/Stand Out Indiegogo Campaign

Stand Up for Maternal Health, Stand Out with Karibu Kikoy’s Indiegogo Campaign today received support and the signature Babiators’ aviator sunglasses for a special July Featured Perk to further push this social business. - July 18, 2015

Autonomy Distributors Call for Added Distilleries and Breweries for 2016 Demand

Autonomy Distributors needs added product lines of craft spirits and beers to meet new country and existing market expansion in 2016. Dark Rums, American Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Vodka top the order demand list. - July 10, 2015

Karibu Kikoy Launches Stand Up/Stand Out Indiegogo Campaign

Every Beach Blanket Sold Helps Fund a Safe Birth for a Mother and a Baby. - July 10, 2015

IFP Films Strikes TV Development Deal with Gloversville’s Parkhurst Field Foundation

Parkhurst Field is one of the oldest continuous baseball grounds used in the Little League System and in the USA and the layers of storylines here had to be told by the baseball fanatics at IFP Films. - August 25, 2014

Aqua Punching Bag Makes Splash at MMA World Expo

Manufacturer, Taylor Made, and branding firm, In Focus Brands, team for newest fitness product Aqua Punching Bag with In Focus Brands launched the newest, multiple-purpose training product at the 2014 MMA World Expo Event in NYC to rave reviews, great engagement and sales. - August 25, 2014

Aqua Punching Bag Chooses Local Martial Artist to Test New Products

Robert Manasier of In Focus Brands announced that Mechelle Smith of MW Taekwondo has been chosen to be part of the testing of all new products from Aqua Punching Bag. Aqua Punching Bag is the newest training product to provide real life sparring experiences plus incredible resistance and strength training for all levels of fighters and fitness participants. - August 25, 2014

In Focus Brands Announces Small Business Grant Funding Program

In Focus Brands continues their accelerator, economic development buildup with added online resources, funding options and virtual libraries. This is the first grant program for small business being offered. - June 10, 2014

In Focus Brands Acquires Saratoga Springs Direct Marketing Firm

In Focus Brands continues their Upstate NY accelerator buildup with the acquisition of online resources and virtual libraries to add to their growth and market pivot foci. The future of this acquisition will be a conduit for a series of funding programs to startup and small businesses. - May 19, 2014

StartUp Weekend Saratoga 2 Announces Winners

After a long, 54-hour effort to get their ideas to a tangible, business pitch, StartUp Weekend Saratoga 2 announces Campus Switch as the winner from the original field of 18 ideas, 61 participants. Campus Switch is the brainchild of Jared Lackey who created a team of Skidmore students, his peers,... - November 06, 2013

In Focus Brands Announces Creatively Practical Roster of Coaches for StartUp Weekend-Saratoga 2

In Focus Brands announces the Coaching Team and Judges for StartUp Weekend-Saratoga 2 at Skidmore College on November 1-3, 2013. - October 31, 2013

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