The PLATO Society of Los Angeles Winter 2018 Schedule of Study Discussion Groups (SDGs)

The PLATO Society of Los Angeles announces it’s schedule of Study Discussion Groups for the Winter 2018 Term, beginning 1/3/2018.

Los Angeles, CA, December 06, 2017 --( Topics

Music and the Brain: The Science of a Human Obsession (11 weeks)
The Films of David Lean
Reading The Econismist
American Revolutions 1750-1804
Roosevelt, the Hands On War Leader
From Global Empire to Ruin: The Southern Road to Disunion and Destruction
Homo Deus:When Men Become Gods
Movie Comedies with Social Relevance
Romanticism in Art
Classics & Hidden Jewels of the Short Story (1st seven weeks)
Classics & Hidden Jewels of the Short Story (2nd seven weeks)
Douglas MacArthur: The Controversies, The Ego, The Brilliance of a Legendary Military Leader
Political Order: Origin and Development
Eastern Religions
The Spanish Empire (12 weeks)
A Passage to India
The Inevitable - Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future
Baseball -- Its History, Notable Players & Events and Literature
Five Women Who Have Won the Nobel Prize for Literature
Our Human Journey: Hominoids, Global migrations, Shared DNA
History of California
Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics (1st 7 weeks)
Great Plays of the Modern Theatre
Forensic Science

The PLATO Society of Los Angeles is the oldest and most respected peer-led lifelong learning organization in Los Angeles. It is a community with more than 400 members who meet to discover and share knowledge on an unlimited range of topics. Quantum physics to European history; modern poetry to Hollywood entertainment; all are on our menu. Subjects, old or new, are objects of our exploration. We study, explain and appreciate the world of knowledge - together. Members who are mostly retired or semi-retired, include doctors, lawyers, engineers, entertainment industry specialists, judges, social service specialists, teachers, professors, design and architectural specialists, former musicians and opera aficionados, and politicians. Learning is primarily,(though not exclusively) in the form of Study Discussion Groups (SDGs). PLATO offers more than seventy peer-led discussion groups per year across three fourteen-week trimesters. Our classes are held during the daytime in our Westwood Village facility. Plato also holds colloquiums at Skirball Center throughout the year and an annual Retreat at Bardim-Brandeis Conference Center, Simi Valley.

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