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US Night Vision Corporation

US Night Vision Corp. Hummer Scope Provides New Nighttime Recreational Opportunities

The USNV Hummer Scope offers superb night vision viewing in a rugged monocular format. It's the perfect companion for any outdoor enthusiast, not just owners of the famed Hummer SUV.

Costa Mesa, CA, March 01, 2006 --( What would make the most ideal overnight companion on a camping trip in the remote back country? A toxic gas lantern, common flashlight or primitive fire touch? No, it’s your new HUMMER® SCOPE from US Night Vision Corp!

In past years night vision devices were typically broken down into two basic categories; expensive and highly complicated military systems or cheap and rather fragile commercial units sold by mass merchandisers. Neither of which was appropriate for “the new breed” of outdoor sportsmen or adventurer requiring a high-performance night vision system that could be purchased conveniently and at a sensible price point.

Enter the new USNV HUMMER® SCOPE; a fully rubber armored, high-performance night vision monocular that has been specifically developed for the serious outdoor enthusiast. Advanced features include newly formulated multi-coated optics that significantly reduce glare and improve light transmission, an ergonomically designed housing that affords both a secure fit in the palm and compact size for easy transport in jacket pockets, fanny packs, backpacks, glove compartments, etc.

Completely water and weather proof, the new USNV HUMMER® SCOPE floats should it be accidentally drooped into a creek or lake. High-performance Photonis/DEP™ image intensifier provides exceptional low light viewing and the built-in IR Illuminator allows operation in deep woods, caves and other locations where ambient light is extremely limited. A military type hard case w/purge valve, padded soft case w/belt loop and wrist lanyard are also included as standard.

The new USNV HUMMER® SCOPE presents the reseller with a novel opportunity to provide the outdoor sports & adventurer market with a cutting-edge night vision product. And everyone will immediately recognize the “HUMMER®” brand name as being synonymous with the great outdoors!

So let the adventure begin with a new HUMMER® SCOPE from US Night Vision Corp. Contact a USNV sales representative today for more information on our introductory promotion for resellers!

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