Bolder Industries Plans Expansion Into Specialty Markets with Newly Awarded CDPHE Waste Tire Grant

$50,000 grant will drive market expansion efforts for their sustainable alternative to carbon black.

Boulder, CO, December 08, 2017 --( Colorado-based Bolder Industries has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Waste Tire Market Development Fund through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Bolder Industries creates valuable products from end-of-life tires, including Bolder Black™, the first carbon black alternative that has exceeded performance expectations in many rubber applications. Carbon black is an powder processed from heavy petroleum that reinforces rubber products and is primarily used in tires.

The grant monies will drive greater applications and performance of reclaimed carbon black, Bolder Industries will increase the end uses for the over 300 million scrap tires that enter the U.S. waste stream every year. This aligns with the purpose of the Waste Tire Innovative Market Development Grant Program, which is to support the development of sustainable waste tire markets in Colorado and thereby assist in the reduction of the storage and illegal dumping of waste tires.

Specifically, Bolder Industries will use the funds to develop specialty applications for Bolder Black in rubber goods by creating and testing custom compounds that offer unique performance characteristics. These Bolder Black compounds or recipes will allow rubber manufacturers to develop new and innovative products or improve upon existing products. This will be another step in Bolder Industries’ expansion into specialty carbon blacks, which is the fastest growing area of the nearly $15 billion global carbon black market.

Carbon black reclaimed from tires has mostly been viewed as a sustainable and cost effective substitute for rubber and plastics manufacturing; however, Bolder Industries has now demonstrated clear performance benefits from the use of its carbon black alternative. This year, custom compounds using Bolder Black have improved the performance of several rubber products including conveyor belts, diaphragms, agriculture harvesting equipment and forklift tires.

“We now have empirical evidence that Bolder Black delivered a new level of performance across a wide variety of rubber goods, which is a first in the reclaimed carbon world. This means we have a solid market advantage and the ability to collaborate with rubber industry partners to reach new and exciting places,” said Tony Wibbeler, CEO of Bolder Industries.

Bolder Industries expects to complete the effort in early 2018 and will then bring these new compounds to their top customers, some of which are also based in Colorado. These compounds are likely to benefit manufacturers of rubber hoses, belts, diaphragms, roofing materials, non-passenger tires and black masterbatch.

For questions or inquiries, please contact Jessica Hogan, Director of Business Development, at or 720.514.9035.

About Bolder Industries
Bolder Industries solves challenging environmental issues for the industrial waste industry by developing sustainable products and services through technology. Our charter product, Bolder Black™, is a sustainable alternative to traditional carbon black produced using waste tires that would otherwise be placed in landfills or incinerated. We create Bolder Black in a facility that emits 90% less CO2e and uses 90% less H2O than traditional virgin black production methods.
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