Qualitative Identification of Synthetic Cannabinoids Using Liquid Chromatography Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (LC-QTOF/MS)

Ann Arbor, MI, December 14, 2017 --(PR.com)-- A presentation at the Southwestern Association of Toxicologists November 2017 scientific meeting in San Antonio, Texas highlighted the utility of Cayman’s Synthetic Cannabinoid Screening Library. This library is comprised of more than 350 synthetic cannabinoid standards, including parent compounds and their positional isomers, analogs, and homologs. At the meeting, Amanda Moore, MSFS, Michael Frontz, MSFS, D-ABFT-FT, D-ABC, and Greg Jellick, MSFS, D-ABFT-FT, forensic toxicologists at Quality Forensic Toxicology, described a qualitative screening method to identify synthetic cannabinoids and related metabolites in blood, using accurate mass (LC-QTOF/MS) for Cayman’s Synthetic Cannabinoid Screening Library, to create a Personal Compound Database and Library (PCDL) complete with retention times for 350+ synthetic cannabinoids. Experiments performed for method validation included: limit of detection (LOD), reproducibility of LOD, sample stability, carryover, interference, and matrix effect (ion suppression). Greg Jellick, Quality Manager at Quality Forensic Toxicology, noted that because of the thorough collection of synthetic cannabinoids found in Cayman’s library, this new PCDL is currently “the most comprehensive synthetic cannabinoid panel in the industry and will allow us to cast the broadest net to identify even the most obscure ‘unknown unknowns.’” Forensic toxicologists at Quality Forensic Toxicology will implement the PCDL to identify synthetic cannabinoids in forensic and clinical toxicology samples from across the US in a fee-for-service arrangement. Cayman is proud to collaborate with toxicology testing labs such as Quality Forensic Toxicology to address the analytical needs of the forensic community.

The presentation (PDF) can be accessed at http://qftox.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/SAT-QTOF-SCs-Public-121117.pdf.

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