Sal-Tech Easy Packaging Gives Away Free Pallet Wrapping Machines This Holiday

Sal-Tech Easy Packaging is giving away an E3 Wrap 2100 Free Pallet Wrapper machine for White Christmas promo.

Tinglev, Denmark, December 17, 2017 --( As the Holidays grows closer and the days colder, Sal-Tech Easy Packaging (STEP) heats up and gives away a couple of semi-automatic E3 WRAP 2100 equipment, free of charge. A present for the industrial sector, this machine provides innovation at the next level - boosting efficiency, effectivity, and productivity rate in the warehouse compared to manual driven operations.

The E3 WRAP 2100 is recommended for basic wrapping of palletized goods to heavy duty pallet wrapping applications. Its material is finished with superior and lightweight components making it easy to transport, install, and/or store. Offering ergonomic qualities, the equipment ensures that comfort is at its best – saving both time and effort of workers. This also features a no turntable blocking counter, giving more space to work on.

Gunnar Salbæk, CEO and Owner of Sal-Tech Easy Packaging states, “The E3 WRAP 2100 is initially a product for small to mid-sized businesses and the target even grew wider, the market expanded to wide-ranging large industries and businesses as the potential of the machine improved to other variants meant for continuous and bulkier operations. The E3 WRAP 2100 concept is then challenged from existing turntable pallet wrappers. Deemed having competitive advantage with its ergonomic, economic, and eco-friendly solution and adding interest from the industrial sector with its "no ramp no hill" feature.”

STEP ties this wrapping machine with its very own environment-friendly stretch wrap film - a film produced with quality and cost-effectivity as top of mind. This comes with several thickness, color, and elongation to fit several packaging requirements. Eliminating lost of goods and preventing theft, whilst ensuring product integrity. The combination of E3 Stretch Film and E3 WRAP 2100 machine is by far revolutionary, as it produces superior standard results with highly acceptable performance to cost ratio.

This free pallet wrapper promo runs from first week of December until the last minute of the 27th. Full mechanics can be viewed through this link:
Sal-Tech Easy Packaging
Juvenell Tagaban