ASAP Systems Announces DD Form 1149 Feature for DoD and Military Inventory System and Asset Tracking Applications

ASAP Systems announces the addition of the DD Form 1149 feature, allowing DoD Military, and Government contractors to fill out the form electronically. Military warehouse staff benefit from the familiar look of the electronic DD Form 1149 because it exactly matches the hard copy they have been filling out. Additionally, the electronic DD Form 1149 saves time and reduces errors for a military inventory system since much of it can be filled in electronically.

San Jose, CA, December 23, 2017 --( ASAP Systems, a leading provider of military barcode inventory systems and asset tracking solutions, announced today new functionality for DoD, military, and government contractors who need to follow stringent property requirements. The newly released DD Form 1149 (DD 1149) feature takes the place of handwriting on paper for property transfers.

Flexibility is a key aspect because the document is used for many different purposes and needs to adapt to every single scenario be it a base, military warehouse, government contractor, etc. One common use for military asset tracking is filling out the document electronically and then printing a hard copy for gathering signatures.

“We’re excited to further automate basic processes of an inventory system and property tracking,” says Greg Wachowiak, Senior VP of Engineering. “The DD Form 1149 is not going away and so we must adapt and improve upon its use which is what we’ve done."

One of the key features is that the property line items are populated by the system so that the user doesn’t have to enter multiple line items by hand. This happens because the barcoded property was already scanned as part of documenting the transfer. And so, now the line items along with necessary descriptive and identifying information is automatically in the DD Form 1149 for asset tracking purposes.

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