Delirious Games, Helps People Become Fit by Designing Board Games Full of Action, Laughs and Intensity. Playing Stealthily Unlocks Health and Fitness During Game Nights.

Delirious Games is designing board games unlike other board games. Why not make games smart again with intense action, laughs and zaniness that will unlock fitness without you knowing. Delirious games has you exercising, learning and using your creativity just by playing a game.

Saginaw, MI, January 11, 2018 --( All families, friends and game enthusiasts now have a smarter, easier and more effective way to develop healthier habits. Becoming fit, smarter and more creative by playing a board game is a simple option. "At Delirious games, we believe playing is the key to learning about health and fitness," says founder Shaun Carter. "The key is combing elements of humor, non-stop action with all the fundamentals of health and fitness being right underneath the surface."

It is so easy to be unhealthy that Delirious Games decided to make it simple to become fit. So the idea of making an imaginative, high energy game about health and fitness became their passion. They knew playing is the key to learning, exercising and building a strong foundation for anyone. The centerpiece is playing and Delirious games makes it simple. "Along the way your family and friends will become a stronger unit and you will always end the game feeling better, I guarantee," says creator Jillian Carter.

About Delirious Games

A few years ago, Delirious Games founders Shaun and Jillian Carter's family began a transformation. They lost weight, grew muscles, and felt better about themselves and their kid’s future. As they kept the hard work going, they had an "aha moment" and realized they wanted to help families, schools and anybody get on the right track health wise. "If I could lose over 40 lbs. and my kids could get excited about health then why couldn’t anyone do it," says Shaun Carter.

With that in mind Delirious Games initial product is called Snag the Flag and it stealthily teaches about fitness and health through intense action and fun. In the game you have to act out silly stories’ actions, perform hundreds of fitness challenges, answer hundreds of questions, work on high five skills and of course snag some flags. Delirious Games hopes to see you out there getting your health on. For more information contact Delirious Games.


Shaun Carter, Founder and CEO
Delirious Games
Shaun Carter