Madden Manufacturing is Offering Complete Industrial Chemical Injection Packages

Save time and money with chemical metering packages that include all of the accessories you will need to get up and running.

Elkhart, IN, February 19, 2018 --( Madden Manufacturing makes one of the most durable, heavy duty metering pumps available on the market and they recently announced that they are offering complete chemical injection packages.

The customized chemical dosing system will arrive at your facility, mounted and installed on a steel skid. All of the elements of the system are piped together and factory tested for any leaks or other issues.

All you have to do is find the best spot to put it, connect your chemical/process liquid to the suction end, and connect piping or a hose to the discharge end of your chemical injection point in the process, and you’re ready to go.

Save time and money

If you’ve ever personally ordered parts for a system you did not intimately have knowledge with, you know how mentally stressing the task can be. With Madden’s packaged steel skid, putting all of the components together equates to both cost and time savings.

Not only are they trying to eliminate the need to install the components in your system yourself or via a hired contractor, they keep you from having to research what parts to order and all the quotes that inevitably come with it.

Common chemical metering pump accessories

There are many common accessories that come with their metering pumps however they often include other accessories in the packaged chemical injection skids such as leak detecting pressure switches, calibration columns, flow indicators, and more.

If you have anything else you need added to your chemical metering system just let Madden, or your Madden distributor you are working with know.

Back pressure valves
Pulsation dampeners
Pressure relieve valves
Pressure gauge

Contact Madden Manufacturing today to learn more about their complete chemical injection skid packages today at (800) 369-6233.
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