Omanye Money Opens a New Shop in Dubai for Its Payments and Transfer Services

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 17, 2018 --( Omanye Money, the money transfer and payment solutions provider, announced on Monday that Dubai will be the regional hub for its operations across the Middle East following the opening of its shop in the city to oversee its operations in the UAE and beyond.

Omanye Money already enables many people around the world to send and receive money, in-country and abroad quickly, easily and securely at very low to no direct transfer costs at all.

Customers can walk into its new shop at 13A, Al Khazna Building, Karama, Dubai or call +971 4 2200030 and be assisted to send money to family and friends living in the UAE or send remittances back to their home countries.

Omanye Money has been expanding its footprint into new markets and in the UAE, it wants to be the most cost-effective means for the country’s large immigrant population, especially, Filipinos to send money back home.

“Opening a shop in Dubai, brings us closer to citizens of the UAE and crucially, to its large immigrant population, who are looking for an instant, secure and convenient way to send money, in realtime,” said Herman Chinery-Hesse, the General Manager of Omanye Money (UAE).

Omanye Money’s E-Accounts aren’t just for sending and receiving money but are designed to function as convenient alternatives to traditional bank accounts into which customers can hold or save their monies for however long they want. Customers can later decide, whenever, to cash-out, make payments or transfer all or portions of their funds.

Omanye Money’s brilliant innovation have served many people around the world, 24/7, especially, unbanked and under-banked individuals and small businesses; allowing for money to be saved, sent and received, and payments made electronically from their Omanye E-Accounts.

Omanye Money’s innovative approach to international money transfer keeps cost down for international transfer, saving the sender lots of money, so that the recipient can receive the largest amount possible. All transactions are in real time.

“We hope to increase financial inclusion among those without easy access to mainstream financial services and help small business owners better streamline their cashflow,” said Abdul Jawaad, Sales Manager of Omanye Money (UAE). “Customers will cherish the convenience and freedom of Omanye’s secure alternative bank account, payments, transfer and remittance service.”

Omanye Money is constantly growing and branching out into new areas, as such, its services are constantly being updated and new partnerships formed around the world to bring instant, secure, convenient and low-cost money transfer and payment solutions to more and more people. For more information on how to send money, visit the
Omanye Limited
Archie Owusu-Ansah