MoveStrong Introduces Obstacle Course Fitness Equipment

Chattanooga, TN, January 17, 2018 --( MoveStrong is a US based company which manufactures strength products and fitness tools. It has recently introduced new products for those people who are significantly involved in obstacle course style of training.

The FitGround outdoor product line consists of the A-Wall obstacle. This obstacle is an A-shaped frame, meant for performing an assortment of climbs, scaling up-down and over the obstacle with or without the usage of grab rope attachments. With the help of these, a person can perform exercises which are frequently discerned visually in military, parkour, police and fire, calisthenics and last but not the least, obstacle course race training.

The large steel A-shaped frame includes a polyethylene board, trivial in texture and high in density, for the surface to provide some grip during the climbing process when both hands and feet encounter repetitive abuse. For easy assistance, a grab rope attachment is offered on both the sides so that the user can climb and grab support when unstable.

Movestrong manufactures commercial specialty fitness tools and accessories. The products designed by this company are for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Customers who plan to buy them are offered the option of getting them altered in case a change is required as per his/her choice and requirement.

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Address of the company

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