Gvhnage-Ama Uweyv Aniyunwiya Nation Resettles Tribe on Turtle Island, Nassau County, LI

Great, Great, Great Granddaughter of Aniyunwiya Autochthon Matriarch, Dinah Deas, resettles Tribe in Nassau County, Long Island, Declaring Tribal Citizenship and Reclaiming Family's Rightful Heritage.

North Baldwin, NY, January 25, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Chief Galiquogi Dinah Deas Cadoche, the namesake of her great, great, great grandmother Dinah Deas, without much pomp and circumstance resettles Gvhnage-Ama Uweyv Aniyunwiya Nation, an Autochthonous Principle People, on the Southern Shores of Long Island, Turtle Island; bringing a vibrance and renewed cultural paradigm that promises to enhance both the community and the people, alike.

Although, a long time resident of Long Island, Chief Galiquogi quietly in 2016, took the unclaimed reigns of her family’s matriarch Dinah Deas; declaring their rich Aniyunwiya heritage as the original peoples on Turtle Island through the power of Gvhnage-Ama Uweyv Aniyunwiya Nation’s Grand Council Members.

Accordingly, Gvhnage-Ama Uweyv Aniyunwiya Nation’s tribal members look forward to becoming an ever present staple in the community of North Baldwin and beyond; bringing added value and truth to a misclassified and misidentified peoples; as well, positive community development that continues to make South Shore Long Island an appealing and safe community for families to dwell and visitors to come. We are a growing community of Autochthonous People, looking forward to growing in community; together with all who dwell on South Shore Long Island’s Turtle Island.
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