Genesis Today Releases Walmart-Exclusive Coupon for Probiotics Supplements

Consumers can choose from 4 unique probiotic supplements.

Austin, TX, January 20, 2018 --( Genesis Today has released a coupon for $4 off all probiotics-based supplements at Walmart.

“Gut health is the first place many people turn to start their health journey,” says Jeff Brucker, VP of Marketing. “We just wanted to help them reach their goals during the beginning of the year at a lower price.”

After the holidays, many people start to refocus on their overall health. For most, that begins in the gut where up to 70% of the immune system resides. The human gut is also at the center of overall health, so the effects of optimizing gut health can be far reaching.

Genesis Today currently offers four very different, though related, dietary supplements at Walmart stores nationwide.

Probiotic + Nature Trim supports weight management through the use of LactoSpore® probiotics, natural prebiotics from kiwi, and an all-natural caffeine from tea leaves.

Plant-Based Probiotics contains 45 billion probiotics from 14 different strains per serving. It also includes a superfood blend to provide additional nutrients and a prebiotic fiber blend to help increase longevity of the probiotics.

Fiber + Probiotics is a blend of 18 gentle fiber sources with the addition of 2 billion probiotics. This formula completely avoids psyllium which has been known to cause digestive distress.

Organic Greens + Probiotics is perfect for anyone seeking a quick solution to support over all health. USDA organic plus 26 organic fruits and vegetables provide a base for excellent nutrition and includes probiotics to support gut health.

These probiotics based supplements are available online at and stores nationwide in the Digestive Health aisle. However, the coupon is for in-store use only. Consumers can download and print the coupon at

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