Western NY’s First Bitcoin & Blockchain Education Center; Bitcoin NYS℠, Located in Downtown Rochester, New York: Grand Opening Event (Tuesday, January 23, 2018)

The Bitcoin NYS℠ Crypto Loft provides the perfect setting to learn more about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. Their local members and patrons include residents in and beyond the Greater Rochester Area, including business owners, corporate executives, and mainstream users.

Rochester, NY, January 22, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Announcing the Grand Opening Event for “Bitcoin NYS℠” (Tuesday, January 23, 2018), at the Crypto Loft in Rochester, NY. Bitcoin NYS℠ is Western New York's first “Bitcoin & Crypto” Education Center, located in Downtown Rochester, New York, founded by Gary Palmer Jr.

With the massive growth of Bitcoin, and worldwide attention on the cryptocurrency industry, local YouTuber and Digital Technology Expert (founder of Minting Coins℠) opens the Bitcoin NYS℠ Crypto Loft at 181 Saint Paul Street, Rochester, New York.

"When people first heard about ‘electronic mail’, they asked the ‘mail man’ about it; he didn’t think e-mail was a good idea; he said it was a fad -- Now, while regulators don't think Bitcoin is a good idea & banks say it's a fad; users are looking for info & education." -Gary Palmer Jr.

Eye on Education. Interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is approaching the tipping point; few people understand Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, or the security involved. It is critical users learn why Bitcoin is new and different, how Blockchain Technology works, and the best practices for securing their digital assets (with crypto-security and strong social privacy).

The launch of the Bitcoin NYS℠ education center on January 1st stemmed from the success of the free local Bitcoin NYS℠ Meetup-group, which has been meeting regularly since February 2017. New audience and membership growth has increased over 200%, MoM, for Bitcoin NYS℠, and this is extending to residents beyond Rochester and Monroe County.

“Bitcoin technology will change the definition of our ‘Money’ in 2019, just as ‘The Internet’ changed the definition of ‘Mail’ in 1991.” -Gary Palmer Jr.

Additionally, the new location will serve as the Minting Coins℠ Online Studio, and will be broadcasting Bitcoin and Blockchain news, industry interviews, and ICO reviews from the Crypto Loft (with Bitcoin NYS) at 181 St. Paul St., in Downtown Rochester, New York.

About Gary Palmer Jr.: Gary Palmer Jr. is a public speaker, marketing and technology coach, who discovered Bitcoin via Silicon Valley Meetups in 2012. In 2013, he ventured in the Bitcoin industry, while working at a San Francisco-based startup. In 2016, Gary founded Bitcoin NYS℠ to help New York residents learn about Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, Digital Privacy and Online Security. He believes Bitcoin will become more-and-more important for our local community, and for communities around the world.
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