Sayar Care Creates a Clinically Tested, Natural Formula That Stops Hair Loss Without Any Side Effects

Sayar Care released an all natural clinically proven hair loss solution, proven to work as well as the leading hair loss drugs, with no side effects.

New York, NY, January 30, 2018 --( Sayar Care, a company specializing in clinically proven, natural solutions for men’s health, released a formula that stops & reverses hair loss. After announcing those details, Sayar Care explained their breakthrough understanding of hair loss, including the finer points of what causes androgenetic alopecia. Sayar Care’s deep understanding of the causes leading up to hair loss allows their product to treat and reverse hair loss resulting from androgenetic alopecia, without any side effects and drug free.

On their product’s effectiveness without side effects, Sayar Care CEO Zee Schwab explained how “I observed friends and family search for solutions for their hair loss, only to find barely effective solutions with disturbing side effects. When I began to deal with hair loss, I decided to create a formula that would work naturally and have no side effects, with clinical testing.”

According to the American Hair Loss Association, 25% of men experience hair loss in their 20s, and by 30, nearly 65% of men will have started down the path to baldness.

To create Retain, Sayar Care studied the breakdown of androgenetic alopecia:

DHT, an androgen, causes inflammation and hair follicle shrinkage, leading to

Hair thinning. As hair follicles become unable to support hair growth,

Complete baldness begins.

Using this understanding, Retain takes a comprehensive approach at solving hair loss: it blocks DHT locally, reduces inflammation, and stimulates hair growth. The active ingredient was studied by the National Institute of Health to be as effective as Minoxidil.

Co-Founder Eli Weiss explains that “The commonly used hair loss drugs have a list of side effects longer than your mother's grocery list, and it doesn’t stop anyone from taking them. The reason was because there was no alternative working option, until now. Sayar Care helped friends and family, and we are glad to bring it to the world.”

About Sayar Care, LLc: Sayar Care, Llc is a men’s health company based in NYC. Founded in 2017, Sayar Care has created clinically tested, natural solutions for men’s health problems not updated in close to 20 years. Sayar Care was featured on Product Hunt, TrendHunter and The Manual: the essential guide for men.
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