Rainmaker Analytics Announces Launch of New Commercial Real Estate Loan & Investment Loss Protection Program for Higher-Risk Investments

The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Status Asset Care Protection Program (“RTS”) design focuses on helping mortgage lenders dramatically reducing loan and investment losses for commercial income-producing property transactions, potentially saving billions of dollars annually.

Houston, TX, January 31, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Rainmaker Analytics, an Internet-based technology platform development company, has completed initial stage development of its real-time commercial real estate asset protection program that features a unique approach to risk management designed to dramatically reduce the exposure of lenders to losses due to failing properties. Glenn Duffy with Thetford Capital stated, “This will be a great addition to lender monitoring, an early warning system that gives lenders and investors comfort.”

In addition to the marketing program initiative with Thetford Capital, Rainmaker Analytics has entered into a joint-venture marketing program with RealConnex.com to commence offering RTS program services on a trial basis at a steep discount for the final proof of concept test, until Rainmaker Analytics completes all development-related activities required to bring the RTS program fully online. “The INVIZEN IT functionality marks new feature for over 100,000 RealConnex users to connect to verified professionals when accessing capital investment. This partnership will allow our users to be able to verify their proposed financings in real-time, accelerating their ability to do more business in less time, cost, and in ways never possible before,” said Andreas Senie, Director of Business Development at RealConnex.

“The INVIZEN RTS program is the centerpiece of our roll-out of a host of B2B programs that have been in development for over 12 years, and have the potential to create continuing market disruptions in commercial real estate on the velocity of money, risk management, and the efficiencies that are long overdue to the underwriting process,” said Brenda Bishop, Rainmaker Analytics’ CEO. “Our team has worked tirelessly to bring the conceptual program components forward to the point of testing the initial operating program prior to launching the RTS system in May. With a focus on mainstream lending, and specialized bridge lending and other higher-risk investment funding approaches, we believe the RTS program has the potential to reduce loss exposure by more than 50%,” she said.

Rainmaker Analytics was incorporated in August of 2017 after completing its seed round funding to develop the component system elements of the RTS program that are all specifically designed to support the RTS program for a complete end-to-end solution. The borrower pays a nominal closing fee and nominal monthly program monitoring fee. The company is also seeking to accelerate the development of its proprietary B2B services as capital funding becomes available.

For more information please visit www.invizenit.com or contact the company at 832.663.9634.
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Clark Boyd