Desperate for Attention, WordPress Developer Siteturner Releases Two Free Blog Themes

Despite the surplus of WordPress themes currently available, Joseph Rust of futility attempts to justify the existence of two new ones.

New York, NY, February 01, 2018 --( "Yeah, [creating the themes] was probably a waste of time," says Joseph Rust of Siteturner. "There's a lot of them already out there. But I've had a bit more time to put into my work since my wife left. So whatever."

Siteturner, launched in 2014, began life as a premium WordPress theme shop, but rebranded into a development and review magazine in early 2015 following underwhelming sales. Recently, the company released two free blogging themes, TechNerd and Shale.

"TechNerd is for tech bloggers," says Rust, "and Shale, it's a general blog theme. You could use it for anything. I think it looks nice. Someone might find it useful."

The themes are exactly what you'd expect from a small theme shop: basic, fully functional, aesthetically pleasing. They were both carefully designed, expertly coded, and vetted by (where the files currently reside).

But why do they exist?

"Why does anything free exist online? It's promotional," admits Rust. "Hopefully they'll bring in a bit of traffic. At this point, even a couple backlinks would help, to be honest."

Rust's goals and expectations for Siteturner going forward into 2018 are modest.

"Ultimately, I'm hoping to scrape enough affiliate commissions together for a new air mattress. The one I have now keeps deflating during the night."

TechNerd and Shale, in addition to Siteturner's other free themes, can be downloaded at
Joseph Rust