CTS Provides Broader Bandwidth with Piezoelectric Single Crystals

CTS manufactures high quality piezoelectric single crystal components, which can improve the capability of underwater applications compared to applications using piezoelectric bulk. Visit booth (A50) at Oceanology International in London, March 13-15, where CTS will present a selection of piezoelectric products.

Kvistgaard, Denmark, February 02, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Single crystals for broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity

CTS is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance piezoelectric single crystals. These components provide very high electromechanical coupling coefficient, resulting in broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity than traditional piezoelectric bulk components. With the use of single crystals, it is possible to improve the capability of e.g. navy sonar arrays, vector sensors and hydrophones. Due to the higher energy density of single crystals, the transducer size can also be reduced.

Read more about CTS' capabilities on single crystals at https://www.ctscorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2016.12.15-Single-Crystal-Brochure.pdf

Custom designed solutions

CTS is capable of high volume manufacturing of both PMN-PT and PIN-PMN-PT monolithic crystals. The CTS single crystal manufacturing facility utilizes proprietary manufacturing processes and intellectual property for large-scale production of single crystals. The single crystal components are custom designed to match specific customer requirements.

Also on display at Oceanology International: Bulk, sensors and transducers

CTS also holds strong capabilities in piezoelectric bulk and the design and manufacturing of ultrasonic sensors and transducers for underwater applications. CTS offers the piezoelectric bulk in a market leading range of dimensions in order to provide the required frequency. CTS offers a full-service solution for ultrasonic sensors and transducers, where CTS manages the product development from the design and development of the prototype to volume and serial production.

Read more about CTS' capabilities for bulk at http://www.noliac.com/?id=502
Read more about CTS' capabilities for sensors at http://www.noliac.com/?id=509
Read more about CTS' capabilities for transducers at http://www.noliac.com/?id=510

Book a meeting at Oceanology International in London

Anyone interested in discussing a piezoelectric solution for an underwater application, please visit CTS' stand A50 at Oceanology International in London, March 13-15. It is also possible to book a meeting at the exhibition by contacting Cedric Goueffon, Sales Manager European Operations:


Further information

Any questions about CTS' products, please use the contact form on the website at https://www.ctscorp.com/contact/sample-request/.
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