Manuka South Unveils Exclusive 2017 Limited Reserve

The highly anticipated Limited Reserve batch of 26+ UMF features some of the rarest and most potent Manuka honey available in the world. Manuka South® is releasing only a limited amount of the high-end honey.

Christchurch, New Zealand, February 02, 2018 --( Manuka South® latest Manuka honey is making a legendary entrance.

The highly anticipated Limited Reserve batch of 26+ UMF features some of the rarest and most potent Manuka honey available in the world. Manuka South® is releasing only a limited amount of the high-end honey.

Manuka South® 26+ Limited Reserve – available at select Aotea Gifts stores in New Zealand - is the latest in the line of premium Manuka honey products produced by Manuka South®, a trusted brand from New Zealand Health Food Company (NZHF). But it will also be the rarest among them, because jars won’t be on store shelves long.

Founded with a mission to celebrate products from New Zealand while giving them a more global presence, NZHF is showcasing the medicinal honey indigenous to New Zealand with Manuka South® Limited Reserve of this small-batch 26+ UMF honey, a rating earned by less than 0.1% of the Manuka honey produced in New Zealand.

This nutrient-dense honey was raw processed to preserve the benefits of the honey and keep it as close to the hive as possible, so the taste is fresh, bright and complex, a flavour born from the terroir of New Zealand and its native Manuka plant, which grows in some of the most remote and pristine parts of the country.

Elite product deserves special packing
Because only a special number of Manuka South® 2017 Limited Reserve will be available, the packaging has been designed with care equal to that of the honey (poised to become the world’s most coveted high-strength honeys) when it was harvested.

Experiential marketing is one of the latest and most effective ways brands are working to make connections with new customers. With its 2017 Limited Reserve, Manuka South® in-house marketing team uses the technique to turn the experience of tasting honey into one that tantalizes each of the senses through various elements of the products and packaging.

An immersion into luxury with a hint of magic, the experience begins when unwrapping the box, sheathed in a matte black sleeve and wrapped in black ribbon fastened with a custom Manuka South® wax seal. The sleeve opens to reveal a case made from heart Rimu, a tree indigenous to New Zealand with a golden hue that when polished complements the rich colour of the rare UMF 26+ honey.

The wood was not harvested, but instead repurposed from buildings in Christchurch that were devastated by earthquakes, allowing the history of those places to carry on in a unique way. Manuka South® also used wood from trees that were felled by wind from the West Coast and Hawkes Bay regions of the island, where rocky dunes are set against pristine blue water and clear blue skies.

The honey itself is poured into a 100-percent recycled glass jar, debossed with the Manuka South® logo and held in place between two clear shelves behind a honeycomb-patterned gate plated in 18K gold.

The entire effect gives the illusion that the honey is floating, ethereal, regal and decadent.

A hand-carved, custom-shaped honey dipper, also made of heart Rimu, is housed beneath the laser etched jar, which adds a tactile element to the experience, which ends in the beautiful aroma and robust taste of the honey, an experience that comes together like the act of enjoying a fine cigar.

Each box contains an autographed certificate of Authenticity from Rob Haines, the CEO of Manuka South and the founder of NZHF in 1988.

The entire effect, including the honeycomb hex gold plated gate on the box’s cover and the Manuka beeswax-based polish that gives the box its luster, spotlights the honey and the important place it holds as one of New Zealand’s exclusive products from nature.

This special honey is one to be displayed on a sideboard, admired like the locally-made work of art that it is.

Manuka Honey and UMF®
Manuka South’s 26+ Limited Reserve is particularly prized because it has one of the highest Unique Manuka Factor ratings available to Manuka honey. The Unique Manuka Factor (UMF®) is based on not only the levels, but also the quality and purity of three specific compounds, including one found only in the Manuka plant, all of which give Manuka honey the powerful antibacterial properties for which it is prized.

Honeys with a UMF® rating are regulated through the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association, which requires honey go through rigorous independent testing by two Ministry of Primary Industries accredited laboratories to assure the authenticity of UMF® ratings as well as the levels DHA, Leptosperin – a compound found only in the Manuka plant - and Methylglyoxal.

Manuka South 2017 Limited Reserve will be available exclusively at Aotea Gifts stores around New Zealand. Aotea, like NZHF, is a family-owned company that has for decades made its company mission to celebrate the beauty of items from New Zealand and make them available under one roof, to better showcase the wealth of products that New Zealand has to offer.

For those who miss this opportunity to experience our rare Manuka honey release and want to learn more about our other high-end Manuka products, visit the Manuka South® website at, or New Zealand Health Food Co. Ltd. at
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