Marketing Strategist Packages Tips Into New Book That Helps Local, Regional Food Companies Succeed

Dog Ear Publishing reviews a new book that offers marketing strategies to grow local and regional food brands.

Lafayette, IN, February 06, 2018 --( Since 2009, smaller food brands and private label manufacturers have grown at four to five times the rate of the largest 25 food manufacturers, according to a 2016 joint study by Deloitte Consulting, the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association. Patrick Nycz knows this, and he’s written a new book that’s a call to action for local and regional food companies to leverage the growing locavore trend, expand market share and succeed against national “big food” brands.

Nycz’s new book, “Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain,” condenses his nearly three decades of experience building consumer packaged brands into an easy-to-follow roadmap that helps local and regional food brands capitalize on recent growth trends.

One of the strengths of Nycz’s book is his insight into the minds of category food buyers. The USDA predicts that locally produced food sales will jump to $20 billion by 2019, but smaller brands can only prosper if they are able to convince these retail “gatekeepers” that their product belongs on the shelf.

By investigating the perspective of category food buyers, Nycz reveals how emerging brands can earn retail shelf-space in a fiercely competitive environment. Then – to maintain that space and promote sales velocity – Nycz provides expert guidance on how to build a loyal following in the age of the iPhone, touching on brand development, product packaging and other marketing essentials along the way.

Early readers from the food and beverage industry are offering “Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain” sterling reviews.

Edward Reidy, President of Happy Apples Caramel Apples Company, writes, “‘Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain’ is a must-read for local and regional companies looking to get on – and stay on – the retail shelf and maximize the value of their brand. Everyone knows it’s important to stand out, but you must get on the retail shelf first. This book will guide you there and maximize the value of your brand.”

Michelle Wibel, President of Nemco Food Equipment and CFSP, has this to say, “Without question, for anyone in the food industry who is thinking of launching a whole brand rather than a single product, these pages offer a great recipe.”

Cary Gutwein, President of Copper Moon Coffee, calls the book “a really great systematic approach to branding with a focus on food and beverage companies. The retail buyer perspective adds a very practical approach to the creating, marketing and selling of a product.”

Nycz owns NewPoint, a full-service marketing company that focuses on marketing strategies for CPG local and regional food brands. Quoted in the New York Times, USA Today and AdWeek, he is a well-known expert on consumer-packaged goods, having worked in toys and games, office supplies, hardware, and food and beverage. NewPoint’s proven model for food industry marketing is fueled by NewPoint-funded food buyers and food manufacturers research around tracking consumer, industry, and ongoing food trends. Nycz and his team collaborate to create insight-driven business-growth strategies that help food production and distribution companies get on – and stay on – the retail shelf.

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