Patentcloud Provides Even More Patent Insights with AI and UX Upgrades

New upgrades to InQuartik's patent intelligence platform, Patentcloud, are improving the user experience while continuing to deliver patent insights that drive decisions.

Los Angeles, CA, February 07, 2018 --( This February, InQuartik announced new upgrades to its current Patentcloud products—Patent Search, Design Search, and Validity Insights. These upgrades not only improve the user experience (UX), but also utilize advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the continued delivery of the most relevant patent intelligence insights for impactful decisions.

At the top of the list is a new Statistical Chart feature that has been added to Patent Search. This feature provides a flexible way to generate customized statistical charts from different dimensions of data. This now includes patent assignment data, which can provide insights into patent transactions as well as related trends. At the same time, irrelevant or unwanted data can easily be filtered out.

Patent Search’s Keyword Expansion now offers keywords in multiple languages, including Chinese, Japanese, German, and Korean, giving users a convenient way to expand their searches in different languages.

Design Search, a Patentcloud product dedicated to designers, has added European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) design data to its database of US, Chinese, and Japanese design patents. For convenience, this product’s crop function now appears automatically after an image has been uploaded. In addition, a redesigned toolbar makes additional filtering of search results even easier, and new images can now be uploaded to this toolbar, without having to return to the main page.

Thanks to the InQuartik R&D team, an even more powerful semantic algorithm has been developed and incorporated throughout the Patentcloud platform. This updated algorithm has been applied to Patent Search’s Semantic Search, ensuring even higher relevancy of search results. Semantic Search now also offers filtering by legal status, which is particularly useful for patent clearance (freedom-to-operate), patent landscaping, state-of-the-art search, patentability search, and patent risk evaluation.

Validity Insights’ Sematic Prior Art feature has also been upgraded with Patentcloud’s new and improved proprietary semantic algorithm to ensure the continued delivery of highly relevant US patent references. To further aid Validity Insights users, events and prior art are now presented in a redesigned summary table, which has been overhauled to include only the most useful information. As well, final decisions for PTAB cases, including IPR, now appear in a separate summary section.

And last but certainly not least, Patentcloud’s Help Center now features a fresh new interface that is easier to navigate and utilize.

“These improvements were made with the user firmly in mind,” said Y.P. Jou, founder of InQuartik. “And we will continue to make further improvements to Patentcloud to ensure that our platform continues to deliver actionable insights for impactful decision-making.”

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Patentcloud is a patent intelligence platform that leverages artificial intelligence and big data analytics for better business decisions. Patentcloud delivers actionable insights through its three products—Validity Insights, Patent Search, and Design Search.

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