ConnecPath Selected by Startup Grind Global Conference 2018

ConnecPath selected as exhibitor at Startup Grind Global Conference; opportunity offers company a chance to accelerate growth by connecting with investors and industry leaders.

Milpitas, CA, February 09, 2018 --( ConnecPath ( has been selected as one of the exhibitors at the Startup Grind Global Conference to be held in Redwood City from February 12-14.

The annual event offers companies the opportunity to connect with a global audience. Companies chosen to be part of the Startup Grind Startup Exhibition come from various countries and have been considered an elite group. Just 130 companies are selected each year following a rigorous process.

“We are looking forward to showcasing our work at this prestigious event,” Leo Sanada, founder of ConnecPath said. “This will help us further accelerate our growth by opening up connections with some of the industry’s top investors and leaders.”

ConnecPath is based in Silicon Valley and has been focusing on streamlining the question and answer process for college-bound students. The goal has been to assist youth to make the best college decision by giving students a realistic view of varying career options.

Sanada said he was inspired by the over 14 million U.S. high school students who need to make the decision between thousands of colleges every year. The majority of them are left with little to no assistance as the school counselor to student ratio is 1:491. This gives them less than 10 minutes to discuss their futures and come up with a plan.

“Except for a handful of resourceful schools, school counselors are too busy to deliver tailored counseling to them,” Sanada said.

Discouragingly, statistics ( have shown that 80 percent of college students will change their majors and 37 percent even change schools. Only 44 percent of college students graduate within four years (

These are costly decisions that Sanada said can be prevented with proper planning, which is where ConnecPath comes in. By being a resource to students looking for answers about colleges, careers and more, the app helps inform and equip high school students to make the best possible choice for their futures.

Startup Grind, which began in 2010, links a million founders in over 400 cities around the world. They have now organized over 2,000 fireside chats in addition to the annual Startup Grind event.

About ConnecPath:

ConnecPath Inc. is an education technology company that increases college and career readiness of young people in massive scale to maximize their future potentials.

Students have historically had to make important decisions about college and careers independently and with limited information. Not any more. ConnecPath’s collaboration platform brings the power of artificial intelligence to students and educators, putting an end to that uncomfortable journey. With ConnecPath, students find pathways that fit their individual passions and competencies with amazing speed. ConnecPath was founded in September 2017 and is headquartered in Silicon Valley.
ConnecPath Inc.
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