CryptFlix Reaches More Than 100,000 Views Within the First Month

CryptFlix, a website where people learn about cryptocurrencies by watching short videos, is happy to share that it has reached a massive milestone. Within a month of its inception, more than 100 thousand people have visited the website. It means CryptFlix is here to stay and the team will continue their focus on helping people learn about cryptocurrencies in a simple and fun way.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 12, 2018 --( Learning about cryptocurrencies by watching short videos is proving to be the way.

Many people assume it takes too much time to learn about cryptocurrencies, however CryptFlix, proves the opposite is true. When people stumble upon a coin they have never heard of, they will understand the basic concept within 5 minutes by watching a video on CryptFlix.

The first video was uploaded in December 2017 and since then, the team has added over 150 different cryptocurrency videos to educate people about different coins, tokens and blockchain technologies.

January started with a great success but CryptFlix soon faced a challenge. After sharing the concept of CryptFlix with the beloved Reddit community, the website received a huge inflow of traffic that made the server crash.

How the cryptocurrency community supported CryptFlix
CryptFlix started as a fun project, but moving to another server came with a surprise on the financial side. However, thanks to donations the website could be migrated to another service provider and use CloudFlare to maintain stability. Since then, the website had a 100% uptime, even though the number of visitors kept growing exponentially.

Thanks to the huge interest and all feedback, CryptFlix founders are now fully committed to make CryptFlix the one-stop website to learn about cryptocurrencies.

About CryptFlix: On CryptFlix, users learn about cryptocurrencies in just a few minutes by watching videos. The goal is to give visitors a better understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in an entertaining way.

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