Psychologist and Dog Expert, Dr. Stanley Coren Says Dogs Are Intelligent, But Not Telepathic

University of British Columbia psychology professor, and author of, The Intelligence of Dogs, discusses his research into dog behavior, the unexplained capabilities of canines, and whether Darwin’s theories of evolution suggest dogs are conscious.

Del Mar, CA, March 01, 2008 --( Join Alex Tsakiris when he interviews dog intelligence expert and author, Dr. Stanly Coren for a discussion on which dog breeds are the most intelligent, whether or not dogs have personalities, and the unexplained capabilities of animals.

During the 30-minute interview Dr. Coren explains why dog intelligence, and even dog consciousness, is consistent with Darwinian theories of evolution: “…Darwin had the notion that, all aspects of mental life, in the same way as physiology, are on a continuum. And he was perfectly willing to ascribe consciousness to animals… We recognize that same sort of thing in a certain class of human beings, very young children, they still have consciousness, but in fact they won't have the full repertoire of emotions until they're older...”

Dr. Coren also offers his analysis of Rupert Sheldrake’s experiments into dog telepathy and discusses other unexplained capacities in dogs such as predicting earthquakes and finding their way home over great distances.

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Alex Tsakiris is one of a group at interested in replicating the “dogs that know” research of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. This research examines whether dogs can telepathically anticipate when their owner’s are coming home. Despite overwhelming scientific and anecdotal evidence this phenomena exists, many scientists remain skeptical. Researchers hope to overcome this skepticism with their new findings.

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