Modular 3D Cell Culture Platforms to Recreate Tissue and Tumour Microenvironments

Lonodon, United Kingdom, February 11, 2018 --( At the SMi’s 3D Cell Culture Conference (21 – 22 Feb, London, UK) Daniela Loessner, Reader at Barts Cancer Institute, will be delivering a presentation on – Modular 3D cell culture platforms to recreate tissue and tumour microenvironments, which will cover:

- Suitability of melt electrospun scaffolds and hydrogels as 3D in vitro niche models and humanised in vivo models
- Design of 3D models needs to be informed by stage of the human disease, for example early steps of cancer development and progression or metastatic processes
- Complexity and difficulties of molecular analysis

A detailed programme is available at the 3D Cell Culture Conference's website

Using 3D cell cultures to fight anti-cancer therapy resistance: An important goal in modern cancer research is the development of individualised, more targeted therapies, with higher specificities, for cancer patients – precision medicine. In close collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and the Hubrecht Institute, a research team at the University of Bern has generated 3D cell cultures (organoids) to investigate mechanisms of drug resistance in breast cancer and to improve current therapies. Dr Rottenberg explains: "This method opens new possibilities since 3D organoids grow much more efficiently in the petri dish – and they keep special features as well, including the typical cellular heterogeneity of cancer." See full article via reference below*

It is imperative for scientific researchers and specialists involved in drug discovery and regenerative medicine and cell biology, to stay on top of the latest advancements, technologies and processes related to 3D Cell Culture. Attending SMi's 3D Cell Culture Conference is a must to all concerned.

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3D Cell Culture Conference | 21 - 22nd February 2018 | London, UK

*By Dr Zara Kassam (Drug Target Review), Dec 2017
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