Steven Levy at MD Stem Cells Tapped for International Conference on Biological Information & Biomedical Engineering

Study Director for multiple stem cell studies continues contributions to international scientific community.

Westport, CT, February 13, 2018 --( Steven Levy MD, CEO of MD Stem Cells and Study Director for several pivotal clinical studies using adult bone marrow derived stem cells is providing critical peer-review for a major international medical and scientific conference to be held in Shanghai, China this summer. The International Conference on Biological Information and Biomedical Engineering is a high level forum for scholars and researchers from all over the world to share their research achievements, explore the hot issues and exchange the new experiences and technologies in the field of biological information and biomedical engineering.

Some of the topics of papers in biomedical engineering will include Cell Therapy Technology, Individualized Treatment and Medical Nanotechnology. Papers in biologic information will include Genomics, Proteomics, DNA Sequence Analysis, Genetic Engineering, Gene Recognition Analysis and Gene Drugs. Committee members include high level contributors from major universities in the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Asia, Middle East and Canada. Peer-review is the process by which recognized experts in medicine and science review papers and recommend their inclusion or dismissal. Those choices heighten the quality of the presentations which guides the conference overall.

“The excitement of this particular international conference is the multiple contributions in key areas important to the advancement of medicine,” indicates Dr. Levy. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to assist in the direction this conference is taking and to frame the discussions that will certainly take place as a result of the choices I help the conference committee make. Those discussions may lead to new collaborations, new projects and significant changes for scientific medical research in the near future.”

Dr. Levy is on the editorial boards of and routinely reviews manuscripts for various medical and scientific publications. He is Study Director for the Stem Cell Ophthalmology Treatment Study II (SCOTS 2), a clinical study for retinal and optic nerve disease; the Neurologic Stem Cell study, a clinical study for multiple neurologic diseases; and the Stem Cell Spinal Cord Injury Exoskeleton and Virtual Reality study (SciExVR), a clinical study treating spinal cord injury and paraplegia. For more information visit and the Contact Us page.
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