Benchmark International Provides a Closer Look at Enterprise Resource Planning

Benchmark International stays on top of industry trends to bring their clients the most up-to-date information about the state of mergers and acquisitions. This is their latest review of the ERP industry and its trends. Benchmark International hopes their potential clients find it useful and timely.

Tampa, FL, February 14, 2018 --( In the technological and global communication era we live in today, it’s no wonder that 2018 seeks to be the year of technology-based mergers and acquisitions. Corporate and private equity leaders have voiced plans for technology acquisitions at the top of their priority list this year. One market which appears to be growing rapidly and playing a more integrated role in mergers and acquisitions is enterprise resource planning (ERP).

This industry is of value for a multitude of reasons. First, ERP is an all-in-one project management system for all departments within a given company. As these platforms are becoming an integral part of how businesses operate, it’s not surprising that buyers are jumping on the opportunities to buy such software to expand their market footprint. The continued evolution of ERP keeps it a desired resource for professional institutions, and ERP developers alike.

But just how does the outlook for this industry stack up for business owners who are looking to exit? According to Deloitte’s annual survey of more than 1000 corporate executives and private equity investors, technology is king in 2018. Executives, in the corporate and private sectors, are planning to complete more acquisitions in the tech sector in 2018 than previous years. Twenty percent of these buyers state that the acquisition of technology is what’s driving them to complete deals. ERP is a leader in the IT world. As more innovative solutions are coming into play, business owners can take advantage of their role in the growth of this industry.

With the ERP industry predicted to be worth $56.8 billion by 2025, there’s no denying this is an industry with great prospect in the IT world. In fact, this segment is the second fastest growing branch of the IT sector. Moreover, with the move toward cloud services, smaller providers have more power than they recently did.

In the last five years alone, the big providers for ERP software such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft started implementing more cloud services to their customers. Oracle comes under criticism by software analysts with the argument that their products are the same outdated software that’s been in use by their legacy customers. This is why bringing in smaller companies with fresh ideas is essential to the bigger players in the field.

The smaller industry players are the ones with a cutting-edge perspective on these services. They were implementing ERP usage in the cloud years before Oracle and other industry leaders, and they were scoffed for their futuristic views on the necessity of using this platform for their customers. This doesn’t change the fact that the big three in the industry are SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, but it does show promise for better opportunities for the providers who make up the other quarter of this market.

ERP has proven to be a sought-after business acquisition. Because of the demand for ERP systems in businesses and a push for innovative software development, the potential for high multiples and competition amongst buyers is prevalent. Experienced advisors, like the Benchmark International team, understand the complexities of this market and the value it has to offer. If you are planning an exit strategy and you own a business in this field, let our team bring home the deal you seek.

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