Action Dinosaur, an Animated Pilot Starring Kyle Kinane

Los Angeles, CA, February 17, 2018 --( Action Dinosaur is an animated comedy that is also a love letter to the insanity that was 80s film and television. A mashup of the decade's colorful, zany cartoons and ridiculous over the top action movies, Action Dinosaur is a throwback to an era when a story didn't need to make a lot of sense in order to be a lot of fun.

Action Dinosaur stars renowned stand up comedian and voice actor Kyle Kinane as the voice of Action Dinosaur - a time traveling, extreme skateboarding, electric guitar playing, totally rad T-Rex action hero from the prehistoric 80s. The concept was created by Jason Merrin, a director whose past credits include music videos for Andy Grammer and AJR, the feature film Sleepwalkers, and an unproduced animated pilot for Nick Jr. It is produced by Sam Pasternack (Steve, Comedy Knockout) and Rachel Liu (Bite Me, In a New York Minute).

The Action Dinosaur team is launching a Kickstarter to finish production on their pilot episode. The team is asking for $20,000 to pay for completing the animation. The script, character designs, storyboards, voiceover, and music have all been completed already. Stretch goals include additional episodes of Action Dinosaur at the $45,000 and $70,000 mark, with other secret rewards to be unlocked as time goes on.

You can access the Kickstarter here:
Hyperbolic Media
Rachel Liu