Symatri’s Kala ITO Releases New Referral Program

Lehi, UT, February 15, 2018 --( It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency arena has seen a lot of change recently, creating a level of uncertainty among crypto enthusiasts. For Symatri LLC, current crypto trends strengthened their commitment to each person who has or will purchase Kala. To reiterate their dedication, Symatri is excited to add a new referral program to Kala’s ITO.

"Our Kala community is of the utmost importance to us and we want to show our gratitude for supporting us," states Symatri CEO Darren Olayan. “So, when our users started reaching out to us about a referral plan, the Advisory Board quickly made it happen."

The Kala Referral Program begins today and runs through the end of the Kala ITO, March 15, 2018. Everyone who has or will sign up for a Kala ITO account gets a unique referral ID that they can share with others. All purchases made through a referral ID earns the referrer 5% in Kala. Kala users will be able to view their referral commissions as transactions are completed.

Created with the purpose of making cryptocurrency as accessible as possible, Symatri President Reid Tanaka believes their new referral program makes purchasing and using Kala even easier and strengthens Kala’s growing community. “It’s natural for people to share good things with family and friends,” he said.

After the ITO closes, Kala owners will be able to take advantage of the fluctuations in value that is a fundamental characteristic of all cryptocurrencies. The token will integrate within an already existing ecosystem with more than 300,000 members in over 140 countries. Kala will be fungible, transferable, and is expected to trade on exchanges later this year.

With Kala currently priced for only $.02, Mr. Olayan is excited to see Kala’s ITO take off. “Kala really is a cryptocurrency for everyone. It’s easy to understand, simple to earn, and now Kala is easy to share with everyone.”

For more information on Kala, to view the white paper, or to participate in the ITO, visit

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