The Days of Swipe, Match and Hope Are Over; Tappa Increases Your Dating Success Rate Dramatically and May Challenge Some Social Biases Along the Way

New Dating App First to Address Offline Security with Its Digital Chaperone Feature and to Provide a Level of Convenience Never Seen Before, Enabling Those with Busy Lifestyles to Join the Fun Discretely, Comfortably and at Short Notice

Manchester, United Kingdom, February 16, 2018 --( Tappa, the only mobile dating app focusing on the offline security of its users as well as their busy lifestyles, is now available at Rolling out city by city, it will start with Manchester, shortly followed by London with the intention to expand to a new city each month and a new country every two to three months.

The free dating app is the first and only service that considers its users offline security through a built in digital chaperone feature it calls Eva. With its novel way of encouraging users to be honest about their expectations from a date, combined with its unique approach to shortcutting the laborious matching process, Tappa may ruffle a few feathers.

“Romance typically doesn't start to develop until after you meet someone, we are simply shortcutting the process of getting to meet someone, it’s not for time wasters,” said Allan Gray, CEO of Cosmient, creator of Tappa. “It’s extraordinary to me that our chaperone feature, Eva, hasn’t been implemented by any other dating app. It’s an idea I had more than two years ago. When I approached friends with the concept of Eva, the consensus was, great idea! if only we had the time to get a date! Dating apps didn’t exist when I was single, and I’d assumed that my friends had it much easier than me but apparently not. Quite a few of them were business owners at the time and the hours of swiping, hoping to get matched and then trying to convince that match to go on a date with them during the very specific timeslot they suddenly had available tomorrow, was impractical to them.”

How Tappa Works

Once users register via the website, they have immediate access to the app. They can start matching straight away but are encouraged to spend some time building a quality profile to get more accurate matches. Men issue a date request (when, where, budget etc.) which is then visible to the women who prior to this stage, also remained anonymous. Only if a woman is interested in a date request, will she reveal her profile to the man who issued it, he can then see her profile and already knows that in principle they are both agreed on the terms of the date. They can then enter a private chat to get comfortable with each other and officially set the date. Once they meet, they exchange a meeting code which, if enabled, triggers Eva our chaperone feature which cleverly detects all kinds of scenarios and doesn’t rely on the user to actively contact Eva.

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About Tappa

Tappa, the only mobile dating app focusing on the offline security of its users as well as their busy lifestyles, is launched by Cosmient, a digital technology company headquartered in Manchester, UK. The app is free and is currently available at Tappa’s team have over 30 years of experience in creative and technical problem solving. Cosmient is developing and launching a variety of other apps, products and services. Some of which, may challenge social norms.

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Sofia Bakina