A New Location for It’s God’s Choice: Still in Business

Officially Announcing that It's God's Choice Christian Bookstore Has Moved to Suitland, Maryland.

Suitland, MD, February 18, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Effective this January, It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore moved from its Landover, Maryland location to the new location in Suitland Maryland. The store still carries hard to find black gospel sheet music, songbooks as well as church supplies, books, bibles, etc. The store takes orders for choir and pastoral robes too. “What we do not have on hand, you can probably order at our website, www.igccb.com or over the phone,” says Carolyn Walker, Store Music Buyer.

Lots of Christian Bookstores have gone out of business even though some had been in business for over 25 years. It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore has been in business since 2002. “Most of our sales are website-related even though we used to have antiquated website which did not take credit cards at first,” says Thelma Lee, Store Manager. “Now we have a fully professional website that processes credit cards. Also, we take orders from all over the world by phone, email and online.”

For some of the churches in the local area, It’s God’s Choice staff personally delivers orders depending on the size and goes out to churches to measure choirs for robes. Most of It’s God’s Choice customers receive their merchandise via the mail. The store accepts credit cards and payment through PayPal too.

Now customers can once again come to It’s God’s Choice and enjoy the shopping experience. For those who cannot come to the store to get sheet music, they can use the website. In fact, customers can download some sheet music directly from our website. “Nearly everything that we sell in the store, we will have represented on the website. We have over 5,000 products online and are adding to the site almost daily,” states Thelma Lee.

The phone number is the same, which is 301-499-5799. The website address is still www.igccb.com and the email address is still christianmusicandbooks@yahoo.com.

In 2002, It’s God’s Choice Christian Bookstore was founded by Thelma Lee, a former employee of Rejoice Christian Bookstore and she has over 20 years of experience in this field.

It’s God’s Choice specializes in special orders and carries black gospel sheet music, songbooks, piano instructional books, bibles, books, greeting cards, gifts, church supplies, and children items. In addition, the store special orders pastoral and choir robes. For further information regarding this move, please call 301-499-5799 and ask for Thelma, the store manager. Please note phone problems: We are having a hard time retrieving voice mail messages left on the phone, so please call back. Thanks.
It's God's Choice Christian Bookstore
Thelma Lee