Licensed Clinical Psychologist Shines Light on Abusive Relationships in New Book

Dog Ear Publishing reviews a new book filled with insights into abusive relationships and how to escape them, written by a clinical psychologist with more than three decades of experience in the field.

St. Charles, IL, February 21, 2018 --( One in three women and one in four men will be a victim of some form of physical violence from an intimate partner within their lifetime, notes the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. A new book by a clinical psychologist, released by Dog Ear Publishing, shines a light on abusive relationships, explaining the dynamics of abuse in straightforward language as well as how to try to escape such a relationship.

“Masked: Relationship Abuse and Recovery Guide” by Cherry Weber not only describes abusive relationships but offers checklists for readers to determine if they themselves are in such a relationship. Those who find themselves in an abusive relationship – or know others who are –can follow her steps to get out of the situation, start the recovery process and learn what to consider if they embark on new relationships.

Weber’s book is filled with directions for living a happy life, and it is packed with her unique perspective and insight gained while working with individuals living with abuse or recovering from abusive relationships. Weber offers valuable information on healthy relationships, the dynamics of domestic abuse and examples of it, the effects of abuse, reasons people stay, what people can do, how to get help from a friend or family member or to provide it, the process of leaving and recovery, and fears about it happening again. It also includes a list of hotlines and websites that provide additional information about domestic abuse.

The book is designed to give those who are abused hope as well as “the reassurance that they are not alone, the courage to live their life without masking who they are to survive, the insight into how to identify abuse and abusers, and the tools to recover,” Weber writes in the introduction. “Most of all, it’s written to share that hope is abundant. Everyone has the potential to live a Better life and find healthy love.”

Licensed clinical psychologist Cherry Weber earned her doctorate from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has developed expertise in many areas of psychology during her more than 30 years of experience, especially in abuse recovery. Weber has served as director of a women’s inpatient unit, worked with violent men in a prison system, run a private practice and has worked with the family court system as a custody evaluator. She also co-chaired a ministry on domestic abuse at a church, conducting seminars to raise awareness and better educate people about domestic abuse.

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Masked: Relationship Abuse and Recovery Guide
Dr. Cherry Weber
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5690-6 112 pages $14.95 US

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