Palm Partners: New Year, New Faces, Same Purpose

Delray Beach, FL, February 18, 2018 --( With the beginning of 2018 Palm Partners Recovery Center is proud to be as committed as the day they started. The purpose; to help make innovative, effective and holistic addiction treatment opportunities available for those who are suffering due to drug and alcohol abuse and intense chemical dependence. For decades Palm Healthcare Company has brought together some of the most compassionate and practiced professionals in the world of addiction care in order to offer life changing treatment that transforms life at every level.

In 2018, Palm Partners looks to build momentum and raise the bar. As the addiction treatment industry adapts to what is happening around the country, especially concerning the opioid crisis, Palm Partners is walking tall in their evolution. Part of that vital growth is acknowledging the hardships we as a society face. More of the solution is supporting the efforts to raise addiction awareness, and celebrating the incredible opportunities ahead of us to make a difference for those who need it the most.

With a new year and a new look, Palm Partners Recovery Center believes in holding on to their principals and purpose.

Renewed Focus on Community Outreach

Palm Partners Alumni have always had a resource for staying connected to their roots in the recovery program. For years there have been people serving as a point of contact for every graduate of the Palm Partners inpatient program. The team hosts biweekly meetings to check in and meet new graduates, or to lend support and offer guidance.

This year the team is taking things to a new level. The Palm Healthcare Connections initiative is creating a more focused emphasis on active community outreach and strategic partnerships with other leaders in the industry. Dedicated members of the Palm Healthcare Team are now organizing regular outside events and conducting outreach efforts to strengthen the connection with past alumni and within the recovery community at large. "We are very proud of our Palm family members who work so hard, even off the clock, to make such a positive impact in our community," said Tim Price, Director of Strategic Partnership at Palm Healthcare. “One such example of the community outreach that Palm offered recently was the Basket Brigade, which seeks to provide meals to low income families in need in the Delray area,” said Tim.

Along with this the Palm family will recently sponsored and co-host “Run to the Rescue,” a local 5k run aiming to help first responders who suffer from addiction, and/or trauma. When asked, Tim said how he felt about the local run he would be attending, with his co-workers, "I am so happy that we all have this chance. We want to give back to our local heroes who go through so much everyday, saving lives and helping those in need. Our aim in this benefit run is to try and raise awareness that addiction is everywhere, and unfortunately can even affect the very people that we call first when we need help the most."

The Pain Recovery Program

Palm Healthcare Company recently introduced the Pain Recovery Program, offering specialized services for chronic pain sufferers.

Palm Partners Recovery Center knows the importance of addressing the multi-faceted needs of the person in pain. With prescription pain medication being at such an elevated rate of abuse, they believe that more people than ever are in need of alternative options for addressing their physical pain. Their new Pain Recovery Program is about reclaiming an individual's sense of well-being and functioning, as well as their sense of purpose and direction to life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Individuals participating in The Pain Recovery Program are provided a variety of treatment options that include medication management, nutraceutical (vitamin) therapy, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, massage, muscle manipulation therapy, chiropractic care, aquatic therapy, hypnotherapy, and biofeedback. Treatment plans are customized based on comprehensive evaluations and the specific needs of the person.

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Casey Wray
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