"P80" Longan Natural Extract from Thailand Poised for Entering Overseas Nutraceutical Markets

Bangkok, Thailand, February 21, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Thailand’s newest health-improving innovation, P80 Natural Essence™, a 100% natural extract from longan fruit with medicinal properties, is all set to enter overseas nutraceutical markets.

P80, which contains a rare combination of five natural polyphenolic antioxidants –tannic acid, gallic acid, gamma-amino butyric acid, ellagic acid and corilagin, is extracted from high quality longan (commonly known as "dragon eye") fruit sourced from Northern Thailand. These powerful polyphenols combat free radicals and prevent them from inflicting oxidative damage on live cells/tissues.

Being cytotoxins, the polyphenols inhibit cancer cells from mutating and induce "apoptosis" causing their natural death which, otherwise, is impossible without a medical intervention such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Such medical procedures are not only expensive but carry potentially dangerous risks if continued for a long time.

Designated as a health-improving innovation, P80 is the result of over 20 years of extensive, painstaking research and clinical trials by food scientists of Chiang Mai University’s Food Innovation and Packaging Center (FIN).

The natural polyphenols found in P80 provide numerous health and wellness benefits! The six key ones are – improved sleep; more vitality and stamina; normalized blood pressure; relief from joint pains, muscle pains and back pain; enhanced memory; and relief from everyday stress. P80 is tasty due to its natural fructose content and is very low in calories and 0% in fats. It is 100% pure, GMO free, gluten free and vegan and does not contain any added sugars, preservatives, colors or flavors.

Proven by a recent clinical trial, benefits such as improvement in sleep quality and normalized high blood pressure can be noticed as quickly as within the first 3-5 days of intake. Other benefits can be realized over continued use of P80 for one month and beyond. P80 is manufactured and marketed by Natural Bev Company Limited, a subsidiary of the privately-held Thai conglomerate PM Group. Headed by Chairman Prayudh Mahagitsiri, the group has diverse interests in shipping, oil & gas, offshore services, package film, property development, golf courses, entertainment, F & B services, education and investments.

Mr. Mahagitsiri said about P80: "I had been on high blood pressure pills for 10 years. However, ever since I started taking P80 four years ago, I had no further need for any medication. Now my blood pressure is back to a perfectly normal level, thanks to P80."

He further observed: "Wellness now-a-days has become a prime concern amid unhealthy lifestyles and growing incidence of non-communicable diseases. People, of late, are looking back to ‘Nature’ for natural remedies that are powerful and effective but at the same time safe and without any side effects. P80 is one such solution that’s 100% pure and natural. Good for all ages, it helps you live healthier, look younger and feel stronger naturally!

"Of importance is to drive the 'bad guys' or free radicals out of our bodies. Antioxidants are a proven way to safeguard us from oxidative stress, which is the predominant cause of disease. Not many know longan is a powerhouse of polyphenols with excellent radical-scavenging properties. Employing a unique, patented technology, we have harnessed these polyphenolic compounds in their most natural form with their efficacy 100% intact for the benefit of P80 consumers.”

One of Thailand’s renowned entrepreneurs, Mr. Mahagitsiri is determined to take P80 to all four corners of the world. “We are actively looking for distributors across Asia, Europe and beyond. We will soon sign distribution contracts with Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, while negotiations are on with potential partners in UAE, Bahrain and other GCC countries,” he added.
Natural Bev Co., Ltd.
Simon Nathan