Be Prepared — Coffeebot Attends Fire Prevention and Earthquake Preparedness Seminar

With employee safety as priority, Digital CB Business Solutions participated in a fire prevention and earthquake preparedness seminar on February 20, 2018 held at the Amalgated Capital Building by the Bureau of Fire Protection – Davao City Fire District. Digital CB Business Solutions support all initiatives that will spread awareness on disaster risk reduction.

Davao, Philippines, February 23, 2018 --( The employees of Digital CB Business Solutions attended a fire prevention and earthquake preparedness seminar February 20, 2018 held at the Amalgated Capital Building by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) – Davao City Fire District. This is in light of the recent fire that struck the NCCC Mall Davao December of the previous year that led to the deaths of business process outsourcing (BPO) employees of Survey Sampling International (SSI).

The seminar, facilitated by Chief of Fire Safety Enforcement Section SFO1 Jerry Sedayao, REE and Fire Safety Inspector F03 Arjay Anzela, talked about the most common causes of fire, as well as the classes of fire and how to prevent them, among others. Afterwards, Anzela discussed what to do in the event of an earthquake.

Causes of Fire and How To Prevent Them

Anzela, on the responsibilities of the BFP, said that “70% of our efforts are put to fire prevention.” He explained that the goal is to make sure incidents where they have to suppress fire are avoided.

In the office space, some common causes of fire include electrical short circuits and overheated electrical appliances. Anzela advised to make sure that main switches are visible and accessible and to plug big appliances into main outlets rather than use an "octopus" system by plugging in multiple devices or machines in one extension wire.

Another common cause of fire is discarded cigarettes and matches that were not extinguished properly. Anzela said that smokers should always make sure to put out cigarettes in an ashtray and explained how in one incident, they traced the origin of the fire to a room wherein cigarette butts were scattered.

Safety Over Security

Anzela talked about making sure that places of dwelling and work should have proper fire exit plans. Doors should sway outside for easier exit and narrates one fire incident where people caused a stampede and couldn’t easily get out because the door swayed inside the room.

Moreover, windows should not be barred with grills making exits impossible. This will trap people inside with no alternative ways to evacuate the building.

Earthquake Preparedness

Anzela also talked about what to do when an earthquake occurs. He reminded the attendees to never panic in all instances. He said to seek shelter and protect yourself when an earthquake is felt. Duck, cover, and hold while staying away from heavy furniture, hanging objects, and glass panels. Once the shaking stops, take the fastest and safest way out while maintaining a calm but vigilant demeanor.

When in a high-rise building and a desk or table is nowhere near, the best thing to do is to move against an interior wall and protect your head with your arms. Never seek refuge near glass panels, heavy furniture, or under chandeliers and other hanging objects.

Jocelyn Cadigal, Coffeebot’s Director of Administrative Affairs explained how important it is to participate in seminars like this for everyone to be aware. “Sometimes, unexpected things happen and we don't know that certain things are actually hazardous or may put us in more risk of danger, such as how using your phone to take a picture in the midst of a fire might cause an explosion,” she said. “It's better to be ready than sorry.”

Following the seminar, a fire and earthquake drill was held wherein employees of Coffeebot and other tenants of the Amalgated Capital Building went through the evacuation routes. This was to simulate what everyone needed to do in the case of an actual fire or earthquake.
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