Agricolus Essential, the Platform for Precision Agriculture is Now Available

Make the right decision at the right time. Agricolture has never been smarter. The web platform for the farmers of the future launched by an Italian company.

Perugia, Italy, February 23, 2018 --( Agricolus Essential is a Web Application developed by an Italian product company. It uses the latest technologies to collect and analyze data on crops. Easy to use, Agricolus Essential allows agri-food companies to increase efficiency and sustainability.

Make the right decision at the right time. This is the way farmer 4.0 improves product quality, reduces environmental impact and eliminates unnecessary farm costs. A computer or tablet is all it takes.

Thanks to an innovative "plug and play" service for precision farming, cultivating according to scientific criteria is no longer just a privilege for large companies, but an opportunity for everyone. The Italian company Agricolus has used the most modern decision support technologies for agri-food companies to create a web application easy to use and totally free of charge up to 10 hectares.

The English version of application will be available on 12th March, 2018.

What is it and how it works
Its name is Agricolus Essential: it is an online platform that allows farmers to successfully manage their fields, recording information useful to understand the development of crops and the parameters that influence agricultural production: soil analysis, weather conditions, plant pathologies and more. After registering the account, a dashboard appears. By filling in the required data, it is possible to monitor crops every day thanks to satellite data, geolocation, calculation systems and weather forecasts.

There are also advanced features such as "Imagery" and "Field Imagery": they allow real-time monitoring of fields vigor and water stress. Farmers can fertilize or irrigate only where and when it is needed, calibrate the use of plant protection products and distribute valuable resources without waste.

Efficient and simple
Agricolus Essential Free is free up to 10 hectares of cultivable field. An important tool for those who need to constantly monitor the development of crops. The video tutorial on the website shows how each of the 9 features work: Fields, Dashboard, Issues & Crop Damages, Soil Analysis, Weather Forecasts, Imagery, Field Imagery, Help Desk.

From April new and more sophisticated versions will come: "Agricolus Essential," "Agricolus Pro" and "Agricolus Enterprise" will require a paid upgrade.

Antonio Natale, COO of Agricolus, says: “A platform for the farmers of the future, increasingly smart and technological, dissatisfied with solutions that are too complex and inaccessible. Thanks to a ready-to-use interface, we provide a strategic decision support, from tractor to device, from satellite to field. The farmer is able to focus exclusively on agronomic processes, increasing the efficiency and sustainability of his work.

The Company
Agricolus’ headquarters is based in Perugia. It was founded in 2017 by a team of agronomists, IT developers, GIS technicians and data scientists: they support agri-food operators in managing agronomic practices by using the most modern technologies of data collection and analysis. The main tools are Decision Support Systems, forecast models, smart pest and disease control, remote sensing. Agricolus was one of the Italian companies which took part in CES - Global State of Innovation 2018 in Las Vegas, the most important international Hi-Tech event held in the United States last month.
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