OKMerchant Improves and Extends Platform to Help Business Owners Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees

Typical brokers and banks charge plenty of fees, which come in the form of statement fees, batch fees, monthly customer service fees, regulatory product fees and so on. But since all businesses are already taxed by the government and the financial contract with the institution is clear, these taxes can be greatly diminished while some of them even eliminated.

Brooklyn, NY, February 25, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Company aims to help merchants reduce maintenance and transaction charges on credit and debit cards.

Established over a decade ago, OKMerchant Payment Solutions is a Brooklyn, New York-based credit card processing platform which is an independent office of Card Connect a First Data Corporation that helps businesses of all sizes reduce and/or eliminate maintenance and transaction charges when they accept credit or debit card payments from their customers.

"My goal is to examine your business's credit card processing statements and get rid of all the fees that you, the business owner, may consider to be legitimate," says Director of Sales and Operations Michael Luchen. "At OKMerchant, we examine not only the percentage that your business pays but also the transaction fees, batch fees, statement fees, etc. We can likely reduce your fees by up to 40% - a 'win-win' for business owners."

OKMerchant has been in business for over 10 years while enjoying the impressive standing of an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and receiving zero complaints. The company enjoys a huge client brand list and has successfully reduced transaction costs for all major credit card companies, including American Express. OKMerchant is the only company in the US to include every nationwide bank, and to pay Interchange + 0 and $0 per transaction at all stores, both online and physical.

Processing fees make sizable inroads into a business's bottom line; OKMerchant can increase a company's profit margin by eliminating these fees. Contact Michael Luchen today to find out how to stop wasting money on credit card transaction fees or for more information as to how OKMerchant can help your business.

About OKMerchant

OKMerchant is a credit card processing platform with over 10 years of registered activity. Its aim is to serve all business clients regardless of the niche or size of business. OKMerchant helps with reduction and elimination of different transaction and maintenance charges associated with various credit and debit cards, including American Express. More information can be found on www.michaelluchen.biz. Prospective clients can also request details at 929.441.8903.
OKMerchant Payment Solutions
Michael Luchen