LiveSmartCity Ignites a Smart City Revolution to Fight Inequality in Nigeria

New York, NY, February 27, 2018 --( LiveSmartCity ignites a smart city revolution to fight pervasive homelessness, hunger and economic inequality in Nigeria’s capital.

Due to the increased herdsmen and farmers crisis, incessant terrorists killings, human displacement and poverty in most parts of rural Nigeria, many rural citizens have massively migrated to Abuja, which is littered with many homeless people. The technology hub is poised to tackle this dire endemic crisis especially adverse hardship inflicted on women and children.

LiveSmartCity is off-grid and solar powered interconnected offices, homes and farms integrated with eco-friendly sensors, smart equipment and wearable all controlled by voices, sounds, gesture and SmartApp powered by artificial intelligence to encourage creativity, innovation, foster equality, efficient farming, healthy and sustainable living.

The hub architecture focuses on reducing, re-using & recycling all resources to minimize wastes and energy consumption, bolster business productivity and increase food production to create a sustainable, affordable and eco-friendly society to boost economic development to fight pervasive economic inequality in Nigeria. The farms are mobile, versatile and use treated and recycled water and bio-solids from the homes and offices to maintain a sustainable eco-friendly farming process preventing the use of harsh chemicals and carbon emission.

The disability-friendly technology hub also gears to empower disabled Nigerians with automated homes, offices, farms and equipment. Disabled consumers of the hub can easily turn on TVs, lightings, surf the Internet and even cook by simply waving hands, speaking or tapping an app.

LiveSmartCity caters smartly for consumers who are crippled, deaf, dumb or blind to live a fulfilled life of fun and achievement.

During its launch later this year, the tech hub plans to host many innovative startups and showcase the best of eco-friendly and automated home equipment, satellite internet, virtual reality, smart home appliances, smart farming technologies and lots of mind-boggling gadgets. For more information, sponsorships or investments visit
Mel Dupont