BirthdayPak is Now in Atlanta

Springfield, PA, February 28, 2018 --( BirthdayPak introduces a new franchise owner, Sofia Lukas. Sofia will be presenting BirthdayPak to the chic businesses located in Northern Atlanta, while sending birthday wishes to the affluent women living local to those establishments. Known for its southern hospitality and delicious food, BirthdayPak of Northern Atlanta is sure to be a success.

Sofia was most recently the college campus director at the Interactive College of Technology. “I was 80% director and 20% sales, because I love sales and it helped keep me involved in the day-to-day activities,” says Sofia. When Sofia was “searching for freedom,” she met with a broker who presented her with different franchise opportunities.

“The name BirthdayPak caught my attention,” says Sofia. “Something about the name grabbed me and I wanted to learn more,” she continued. When Sofia learned that her mother-in-law from Chester County, PA had recently received a BirthdayPak, and the headquarters was a short drive away, she knew it was meant to be. Sofia adds, “I’m ready and willing to work as hard as I was working for someone else, for myself. I look forward to presenting a fabulous and unique product to Atlanta, while having more time for me and my family.”

Unlike other co-op direct mail franchises, such as Money Mailer and Valpak, BirthdayPak only works with a limited number of upscale businesses such as restaurants, day spas, salons and boutiques. BirthdayPak is only sent to affluent female consumers about to celebrate their birthday and live close to the businesses featured in their BirthdayPak.

The engagement begins with the arrival in the mailbox of the beautifully printed and highly-personalized BirthdayPak during the recipient’s birthday month. Once the BirthdayPak is opened, women find up to eight personalized promotional gift cards, not coupons, and instructions for a simple online activation process. Once activated, the gift cards can be used to celebrate with family and friends.

BirthdayPak is expanding nationwide through franchising. There are a limited number of markets available. If you, or someone you know, has an interest in learning more about this exciting business opportunity, please visit, call 888-206-0083 or email
DeAnna Lance