Virtual Meets Reality receives mention in Entrepreneur Magazine

Vancouver, Canada, March 04, 2008 --( In recent years, telling someone you were a Virtual Assistant (VA) would get no response besides a blank stare and polite nod. That’s now beginning to change as Virtual Assistants have been enjoying some (much deserved and long overdue) time in the media spotlight. This is thanks, in part, to thousands of these independent administrative professionals working tirelessly to bring their industry mainstream and their cumulative efforts are finally starting to pay off. Most recently, the world’s largest Virtual Assistant organization,, has been mentioned in a special issue of Entrepreneur magazine, called StartUps Spring 2008, which is on newsstands until mid-May. Not only is this media attention great exposure for those working as ‘VAs’, but it’s especially great news for small business owners that are finally discovering their administrative headaches can be cured - virtually.

Tawnya Sutherland, a pioneer of the VA industry and founder of VAnetworking, is thrilled that the media is finally picking up on the massive interest surrounding the industry. “Each time a story about virtual assistance reaches the press, another business owner learns their administrative burdens can be outsourced without incurring the expense of a full time employee. These stories also tug at the heart strings of working mothers longing to be at home with their children,” says Sutherland. “Each time a story is published, I get dozens of emails from working mothers having been awakened by the thought that they too can support their families with their admin skills, while being at home to care for them.”

A Virtual Assistant is a professional administrator that works from her or his own fully equipped office for several different clients. There are endless types of services these entrepreneurs provide, including administrative and specialized support for real estate agents, business coaches, professional speakers and internet marketers. Virtual Assistants are able to assist their clients with anything from managing incoming email and proofreading correspondence to creating and implementing marketing plans. The biggest benefit to their clients is VA services are acquired on an as-needed basis, so they are only paid for time spent directly on projects.

Jaime Lee Mann, owner of Mann Made Time ( is a moderator at VAnetworking and has been a member of the forum since early 2006 before she started her practice. “I felt like my life changed when I found Tawnya’s network brimming over with likeminded entrepreneurs to learn and network with. Joining VAnetworking and purchasing the VA startup system were the very first steps I took to start my business in 2006,” remarks Mann. She goes on to say, “The support and camaraderie of my peers at VAnetworking was instrumental in building my business to where it is today.” Mann’s business was full to capacity with retainer clients after only four months in operation, and after transitioning to a multi-VA business in late 2007 she now has a team of VAs that assist with her client workload. “The resources and ability to ask my many questions at VAnetworking, really helped me in this journey. Everyday I continue to learn from the many other VAs there.”

If you are a business owner interested in learning more about how a Virtual Assistant can help you increase your profits by taking over your non-revenue generating business activities, visit There are endless resources there for you.

For those interested in starting their own virtual assistance business, VANetworking should be the first stop. With over 8,000 members and 81,000 posts of information, this free resource is unparalleled.


Tawnya Sutherland, Founder of VAnetworking,, and author of the Virtual Business Startup System (VBSS), is a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist sharing her expertise to help aspiring and successful VAs turn website clicks into cash for them.
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