Quikbyke Expands Rental "Shop-in-a-Box" Qiosk Models

Quikbyke-Engineered Electric Bike Rental Qiosks Now Available in Four Versions Tailored to Match the Capabilities and Capacity of Local Power Grids.

Omaha, NE, March 21, 2018 --(PR.com)-- It's widely understood that electric vehicles, including electric-assist bicycles, are only as "green" as the power source that recharges their batteries. This is the motive behind Quikbyke engineering its first pop-up rental "shop-in-a-box" to be powered entirely by the Sun. Everything from bike batteries to lights to WiFi to point-of-sale register are powered by solar energy stored in large, on-board batteries. Riding a Quikbyke e-bike is as clean and green as they can possibly make it. Effectively, renters are...

"Riding on Sunshine."

As local and national power grids shed more dirty fossil fuels and add more solar, wind, and geothermal -- Iceland and Costa Rica being leaders in grids that are either 100% carbon-free, or nearly so -- Quikbyke has responded by now offering four different versions of its secure, yet highly mobile rental Qiosks. These include:

- Green Grid Model -- Engineered to simply "plug into" the local green power grid.

- Green Grid Plus -- Engineered for green grids where power demands can lead to occasional outages.

- SunLite Model -- Engineered for occasional power outages; incorporates 600W of solar to provide short-term battery charging capability.

- SunBright Model -- Engineered to be 100% grid independent and remain operational for periods of 48-72 hours of little or no daily sunshine.

All Quikbyke-engineered Qiosks are based on repurposed 20 ft, side-loading cargo containers that retain their ISO certification for shipment by land (truck and rail) and by sea (container ship/barge). The design has been certified for wind speeds up to 115 mph and Quikbyke's original "SunBright" prototype came through 2017s Hurricane Irma unscathed and with roof-mounted solar panels intact on Merritt Island, Florida.

Quikbyke Qiosks are designed to comfortably house and service ten (10) electric-assist bicycles, keeping them secure; and because the Qiosk can be transported by common rollback car carrier, it can be quickly relocated if weather threatens or business activity warrants.

Quikbyke markets its Qiosks as the ideal venue to renting electric bicycles at popular vacation destinations from National Parks to Caribbean islands, allowing independent operators to buy outright or lease under franchise just the Qiosks or with a complement of e-Bike models appropriate to the local market.


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Tom Cosgrove, COO

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Bill Moore