DMI Arms Teachers, Students, Parents and Schools with Mobile Phones, Real-Time Security App

Mobile solution allows schools to protect their students easily and affordably using existing smartphones and web access.

Bethesda, MD, March 23, 2018 --( DMI, a global leader in end-to-end mobility solutions, announced today the availability of EndZone for Education, a solution that provides schools with situational awareness, real-time monitoring, and response support to manage emerging threats. The solution uses the mobile devices and web access that students, teachers, school administrators, security staff and first responders already have allowing EndZone for Education to be implemented quickly and inexpensively.

The unfortunate reality is that students today face very real risks on campus. Reducing response time of first responders is critical to neutralizing threats and saving lives. EndZone for Education puts the power in the student’s hands to instantly alert school security, other students and faculty, and first responders to dangers and threats. When tied in with physical security controls a school may have, EndZone for Education can preemptively identify threats and prevent access to unknown and/or high-risk actors.

The solution is currently used by the U.S. government for high-risk situations and has been re-purposed to meet the unique needs and considerations of an educational institution.

EndZone for Education brings a new, crowd-sourced security model to schools and gives schools the ability to provide safety for students, faculty, and administrators both on and off campus. The user-friendly app can be downloaded to any mobile device, is equipped with opt-in and privacy controls, and offers customizable features that empower schools to develop the solution that is right for their unique needs.

● Students and teachers can report a safety concern, signal SOS or all-clear with real-time location, photo, and video sharing.

● First responders and administrators can disseminate targeted messages to alert people in a specific location or a particular group like faculty.

● Administrators can create virtual perimeters around areas they would like to manage such as school campuses, away-game stadiums, or field trip sites.

● Real-time analytics of social media to proactively identify and mitigate threats.

● Existing security cameras are easily integrated to provide a real-time centralized view of school security.

● Location-sharing capabilities allow school security personnel to provide location-based directions to lead students and faculty to safety, or to lead first responders to at-risk areas.

“Providing a safe environment for our students is absolutely paramount to maintaining our tradition of excellence in both academic and extra-curricular activities,” says Rob Bridges, President, Cathedral High School. “Our commitment is to ensure that we control and protect the space we provide to our students – both on campus and off. Nearly everyone at our school has a mobile phone already and it’s natural that we tap into them as part of our safety solution.”

“We believe a critical part of the answer to school safety is empowering parents, students, schools, and first responders with something they already have at hand – their mobile phone,” says Scott Deutschman, EVP Mobile Platforms, DMI. “Leveraging existing smartphones and web access makes it easy and inexpensive to put a solution originally created for the U.S. Government literally at their fingertips.”

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