Ethereum - The New Addition to the Evonax Cryptocurrency Exchange Family

Evonax has extended their services to exchange yet another prominent cryptocurrency – the Ethereum. Ethereum is also a digital currency that is governed by Blockchain, same as the Bitcoin. That makes Ethereum a powerful cryptocurrency in the market that is ruled by Bitcoin.

Højbjerg, Denmark, March 31, 2018 --( Evonax is a Scandinavian based company that provides digital currency exchange services to their users. With popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin already in their inventory, Evonax has now integrated a powerful cryptocurrency widely known as the Ethereum. With the help of Evonax, the user will be able to exchange their existing currencies, whether it is Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin to Ethereum. Ethereum is also a digital currency that has taken the world of digital currency by storm. The fact that Ethereum is governed by the same Blockchain technology that is used by Bitcoin makes it a powerful contender in the market.

Ethereum is actually an open-source, public, Blockchain-based distributed computing system that features scripting functionality. And based on that it provides Ethereum coins called “ether” to the users that can be transferred between the Ethereum users for the participation in the coding computation. In simple words, the ether coins are mined by programmers who program complex codes and the partners who help in this complex coding are also paid using this ether coins. These coins can seem useless until the market capital of the Ethereum is verified. The current market capitalization of Ethereum is over 72 billion US dollars, which is second to Bitcoin whose market value is 167 billion US dollars and the market capitalization is growing gradually day by day. Hence this proves the potential that Ethereum has in the digital currency market.

“The world of crypto coins is changing and it has never changed so much, so fast in just a short period of time,” says Poul Thyregod CEO of The general currency platform was thought to be absolute and couldn’t change but here we are with over thousands of cryptocurrency in the market and the demand of those cryptocurrencies which is increasing day by day. Many experts believe that in the next few years, national governments will take large steps towards instituting a cashless society where people will transact using centralized digital currencies. Simultaneously, the decentralized cryptocurrencies that some even view as harder money will see increased use from all sectors.

There are many investors in the market that are investing in cryptocurrencies, but not all digital currencies can be beneficial as they promise. The facts such as market capital and value of the particular currency should be considered before making any investment. Many people also think that once you are stuck with a particular currency, it is impossible to get rid of it. But there are many online cryptocurrency exchange services such as Evonax that are really helpful for investors.

About Evonax
Evonax is a Scandinavian based cryptocurrency exchange service provider that has been providing services to convert cryptocurrencies to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Dogecoin, Monero, Litecoin, and now the Ethereum. For more information on their cryptocurrency exchange services, you can log on to
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