Sirbonu Launches 3D Baby Jewelry for Soon to be Parents Through

Sirbonu OÜ is launching, through their e-store, a new range of 2D and 3D Jewelry. This range of ultrasound Jewelry offers soon to be parents the possibility to eternalize their pregnancy with a beautiful piece of custom made jewelry.

laiakula, Estonia, April 07, 2018 --( Ultrasound Jewelry based on 2D and 3D ultrasounds

Sirbonu has recently launched a new product range, called Ultrasound Jewelry on their e-commerce site targeted to pregnant couples looking to eternalise the pregnancy.

The ultrasound Jewelry range is divided into two categories: 2D ultrasound Jewelry and the 3D Ultrasound Jewel. The difference between the two is 2D versus 3D. For the 2D range, the artist makes from your 2D ultrasound image a beautiful piece of Jewelry. The client can order this product in Silver and in Gold. With prices starting at 345 Euros, this is truly a luxury gift for a soon to be mother or father.

However, when you can get from your ultrasound specialist, a 3D Volume file, you can order the 3D Baby Jewel in a Gold Plated, Silver or Gold version. will use it in special software called BabySliceO to extract this so-called volume data and convert it into a true-life baby face. This small baby is then placed in a pendant. The 3D Baby Jewel is truly something very unique for soon to be parents and something that they can treasure forever. With prices starting as low as 96 Euros for the gold-plated version, the 3D baby Jewel can reach a larger audience.

Ask your ultrasound specialist to make this file for you when you have done your ultrasound session. The volume file is converted and cleaned up by and saved to an STL file. The STL file can be viewed in a 3D program. For more information please visit the website

Benefits of emotional ultrasounds.

Sirbonu OÜ supports and respects all views in society on the 3D emotional ultrasound sessions and the 3D baby models. Additionally, Sirbonu OÜ advocates prudence in the usage of emotional ultrasound for the entertainment of the parents. Educated specialists should do all sessions. The baby should always come before the needs of the parents. However, it is very normal for expecting parents to wish to meet and bond with their child prenatally. To be able to see the baby and know this little person before it is born is very special.

3D emotional ultrasounds can help expectant mothers and fathers to form an early bond with the child. It can allow for an early start into the parenting role and reducing shock when the child is suddenly put in the arms of the new parent. To a person wanting to choose a 3D ultrasound and a 3D Baby Statue, these aforementioned reasons are all very valid. Additionally, it allows easy sharing between social networks for brothers, sisters, and grandparents.

Feel free to contact Sirbonu OÜ at for more information or a price offer. This service is available globally in any country or region.

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